Blogging challenge #6

Day #6, Nov. 22, Sunday

Missing Czech homeland

By Emma Palova

A note to all. I am participating in a 30 day content writing challenge by Learn to blog. All posts reflect my views on today’s world including my own.

This morning I woke up to a Facebook post that made me cry from Czech homeland. It was from Radhost mountains in Czech Republic. I’ve been to the Radhost mountains many times even though I am a bad downhill skier, but the area has grown close to my heart.

Plus we got our first snow in Michigan yesterday.

I want to share the beauty of Radhost with all my friends.

Radhost mountains in Czech Republic.
Radhost mountains in Czech Republic.


Cyril's chapel
Cyril’s chapel








Friends at Radhost.
Friends at Radhost.











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30 Day Blogging Challenge #5

Day #5, Nov. 21, Saturday

Today is a celebration

By Emma Palova

A note to my regular readers. I am participating in a Content Writing challenge by Learn to Blog. The posts show my views on today’s world including my own. I hope you enjoy all of them as part of stepping up my blogging.

Hastings, MI- Today we celebrated my girl’s second birthday. Josephine Marie Palova was born to a multi-cultural family. My son Jakub Pala is Czech and he is married to his American sweetheart Maranda Palova.

Josephine party
Josephine party

I am in awe how much they respect each other’s cultures. Maranda took on the Slavic name Palova instead of Pala. Jakub wants to keep the Czech language for his daughter Josephine. He speaks to her in Czech every evening after work.

He asked me if I could give her a book in Czech. Now, that’s a problem here. But, I am a problem solver. I got up this morning before the birthday party and started working on a simple book in Czech for Josephine.

A book for Josephine in Czech.
A book for Josephine in Czech.

I firmly believe that Josephine will be fully bilingual, which is my son’s dream. I used simple sentences and clip art and I will keep adding pages to the core book and growing paragraphs as she grows.

I was most definitely inspired by the blogging challenge to do this. The group pulled me out of my depression. Thank you.

We had a great time at this multi-cultural party. Maranda and Jake were awesome hosts in their new home. I am so proud of both of them. They represent the best in the millennials.

Thank you for being great hosts and great children.

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30 Day Blogging Challenge #4

A note for my regular readers to avoid confusion: I am participating in a 30 Day Content Writing Challenge by Learn to Blog. All posts are relevant to how I feel and write about today’s world including my own.

Not afraid on day #4 of the content challenge

By Emma Palova

Lowell, MI- I wish I could say that I am scared, but I am not. It would be a lie to conform with the rest of the world. No, I didn’t go to Cabela’s to buy an AK47 known as Kalashnikov or a Beretta, and I don’t shoot deer either even  though it’s the firearm hunting season in Michigan.

However, I did tell my daughter Emma Palova-Chavent, MD who lives with her family in France and loves to travel to lay low.

“Don’t go anywhere,” I said.

“Should I buy a gun,” she asked.


Violence breads more violence.

Help, collaboration and diplomacy are the way to go in this chaotic world that honors and respects nothing. Local Michigan college Grand Valley State University wants to allow guns on the campus to show the terrorists they’re not afraid.

Well, who really is scared? The Republicans who passed a bill not to allow Syrian refugees into the most compassionate country in the world or the kids on the campus who want guns?


Not afraid.
Not afraid.









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30 Day Bloggigng Challenge #3

Day #3, Nov. 19, Thursday

Thoughts on fear in the wake of Paris attacks

By Emma Palova

Lowell, MI- Experts say there are two great fears in this world. And they are interchangeable: fear of dentists and fear of public speaking. The fear of dentists translates to fear of pain, while the public speaking fear is about our image; how we look in front of others.

But, I know of a lot more. On top of the above mentioned fears, I have a fear of open heights and recently I found out that some people are afraid of technology.

I find that very interesting, that is the fear of technology. It should take us forward, but sometimes it seems like it’s taking us backwards like with the recent violence and evil in Paris.


Now, the government wants access to our phones in the name of security.I am starting to feel like in Nazi Germany that I know from movies and stories.

How much more freedom will we have to give up in the name of security and safety? How safe can we get when everybody wants to know the location of our phones or you don’t get access to different Internet services? And the terrorists are running loose all over the world.

Some people on Facebook are suggesting that we arm ourselves with AK47s known as Kalashnikovs.

I can picture this now. All of us walking with Kalashnikovs into the theaters, operas, work, churches and stores. Wow, that’s like in the Middle East and people still get blown up in coffee shops.

We’ve taken a huge step backwards and lowered ourselves to the level of terrorists, to their tactics and way of life. Paris and NYC look like war zones.

And basically all this is over religion. When did any religion start preaching violence?

Big business likes to use scare tactics and security pretense to keep us consuming.

“Keep them scared and they will keep consuming,” goes the saying.

Modern societies have to reject violence in all its forms immediately. No one can thrive in fear and under constant threat of not enough security. That’s exactly what the terrorists want for us to be scared.

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30 Day Blogging Challenge

Day 2 Nov. 18, Wednesday

Progress requires peace and life without fear

Lowell, MI-It is a nasty dark November day out there and I am facing a full day of writing without knowing what I am going to write about. I usually drive to Murray Lake to regroup my thoughts.

But, today it is just not working. I am supposed to write a column for the Ionia Sentinel-Standard, and I just finished it. It’s about tweeting.

Maybe I should write about the chaos that’s happening in the world. My daughter Emma Palova-Chavent lives in a wine village in Fixin, France. They just moved from Dijon.

A tear for France.
A tear for France.

She often visits Paris to shop. I visited with her in 2013. It will never be the same city since the terrorist attacks.

I fear for all the European countries and the USA. We live in a world where no one can feel safe anymore; not in a theater, on a plane, at a school or at a football stadium.

Violence and evil are unacceptable in any society. Humanity and kindness must prevail along with peace.

We cannot move forward in violent times. I consider myself to be a creative person. I cannot watch all this destruction or talk about retaliation. Violence bears only more violence.

I don’t know the solution to all this, but definitely not more violence. Progress requires peace and life without fear.

We should be working on fighting against hunger and illnesses, on education, arts and not war on terror.

We should be challenging ourselves like this content challenge by Learn to Blog.

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30 day blogging challenge

30 day blogging challenge

Day 1 Nov. 17, 2015

Okay, I took up this 30-day blogging challenge because I constantly have to prove things to myself and to others. This will be my 300th post since I started blogging in January of 2013 to promote my memoir Greenwich Meridian on the WordPress platform. The blog’s name is EW Emma’s Writings.


I am halfway through the book about our family immigration saga. I’ve written about everything from last year’s eye ordeal with cataracts to blogging, and to Earth Day.

After years of writing for both print and digital media, I feel like I am running out of ideas.

In August, I took on a client blog Fallasburg Today @fallasburg and I will have another one @ lmason2016, a political campaign.

I did everything according to Learn to Blog guidelines including E-newsletters. I designed my first one on a cell phone on mail chimp.

Now, my husband wants me to go back to work to do whatever. I’ve already done whatever from working for Women’s Department for a Midwest chain Meijer to a bunch of newspapers and magazines.

I’ve had front page stories published and I’ve received several awards. But, what really bothers me is that I haven’t been able to get my fiction published. I’ve written a collection of short stories “Glass Flowers,” a screenplay “Riddleyville Clowns,” a book “Fire on Water” and I am working on the memoir.

I hope this challenge helps me regroup my thoughts and focus again. This is my plan for the challenge:

  • Innovation
  • Getting rid of old thoughts and behavior patterns
  • Focusing on humanity
  • Getting back to the memoir
  • Developing regular writing times


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Veterans at Fallasburg Cemetery


Honor a veteran today.

Originally posted on Fallasburg Today:

Fallasburg veterans biographies

The following information is from Faded Footsteps website by Alan Teelander of Lowell. Teelander is dedicated to compiling military information on veterans from all over the USA.

World War II

Conrad Allan Bradshaw, US Navy, World War 2, Lowell, MI 49331 N42°59.034, W085°19.109

Conrad Allan Bradshaw in the U.S., Naval Intelligence Personnel Duty Locations and China Muster Rolls, 1942-1945 Record Image Index-only record Add alternate information Report issue Name: C A Bradshaw Rank or Rate: Ensign Branch of Service: United States Navy Arrival Date: 1 Apr 1944 Muster Roll Date: 30 Apr 1944 Duty Unit or Comments: Personnel In India Duty Location: Calcutta, India

Veterans at Fallasburg. WWii veteran Conrad Alan Bradshaw. Veterans at Fallasburg. WWII veteran Conrad Alan Bradshaw.

C A Bradshaw in the U.S., Naval Intelligence Personnel Duty Locations and China Muster Rolls, 1942-1945 Record Image Index-only record Add alternate information Report issue Name: C A Bradshaw Rank or Rate: Ensign Branch of Service:…

View original 290 more words

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