Czech calendar names-part II

Names show personality traits

By Emma Palova

EW Emma’s Writings

Name day cards in Czech Repub;ic.
Name day cards in Czech Repub;ic.

Note: I often write about different names in the Czech calendar and in our multi-cultural family. In the memoir “Greenwich Meridian” I write about the people behind the names. Recently, I found out that each name has certain characteristics that may be a perfect fit or a perfect misfit.  This is a second part of a mini-series about calendar names. The first part ran on April 10. Look for the greeting card logo. I focused on female names first.

Another name in the family is Julie. That was my late mother-in-law. I have very fond memories of her. Julie lived to be 92 years old, she was up and running until the very last minute when she passed away peacefully  in her nap. She took care of our daughter Emma, while I was studying at the Technical University of Brno.

The name has bold characteristics. According to Soul’s Touches, Julie is a dragoness, who is both sensitive and attractive. She takes deep interest in men into late years, caused by the vibrations of Mars. When she falls in love, she tears down bridges, and rebuilds them again. But, most of all she’s a woman. As a mother, she can be both loving and strict. The name is right for all zodiac signs except for Scorpio. Julie celebrates her name day on Dec. 10.

Mother-in-law Julie Palova was very beautiful.
Mother-in-law Julie Palova was very beautiful.

Anna, was my grandmother and her daughter Anna is  my aunt and godmother.  The characteristics for the name are: a true woman, loving, devoted, but living her life through others. It is a troubled life of labor & worries, a constant circle of obligations and feelings of being in debt to all. Anna is foremost a mother and a wife.

The astrologist does not recommend this name, because it carries the premonition of a hard life. Anna celebrates her name day on July 26 in the Czech calendar.

While penning my memoir “Greenwich Meridian” © copyright Emma Palova, I realize how true these name attributes are.

Martha is the name of my paternal aunt, as well as first and second cousin’s names.  According to Soul’s Touches, the name carries traits of satisfaction. Even though Marthas do not reach the most coveted goals, they end up usually married. Martha is foremost a woman. She matures emotionally later in life, quite often divorces. Not recommended in Gemini, Libra and in Capricorn. Her name day is on July 29.

Mary is my mother’s cousin name, and we probably had a lot more Marys in the family.

Mary is a universal name used in all languages. She is motherly, devoted and hardworking.

The traits: always willing to learn, intelligent, sensitive and strict. Only a bad coordinate with the last name and birth date can worsen her life’s path, according to Soul’s Touches.

The feast of Saint Mary falls on Sept. 12  and it is celebrated around the world with festivities and pilgrimages to sacred places like Hostyn, in Moravia.

Lenka is the name of my second cousin, the daughter of Mary. The name has bad karmic vibrations. Lenkas do not have an easy life or a happy life. There are only a few exceptions depending on the birth date and coordinate with the last name. The biggest problem can be in relationships. The astrologist writes, “When a relationship ends and Lenka asks why?” I answer “Because you have bad vibrations. I would recommend to shorten the name to Lena at the birth registry.”

The name is influenced by Mars, Sun, Venus and Saturn. The Saturn negatively impacts Venus. That’s where the bad karma comes from.

I covered only a few female names in the family, and a fraction of female names in the Czech calendar. From time to time, I will be coming back to this subject, because it fascinates me. Most descriptions fit like a glove depending on the zodiac sign, and sometimes on the last name.

Trending names in Czech are: Tereza, Natalie, Anna, Adela, Eliska, Karolina, Katerina, Barbora, Lucie, Kristina, Michaela, Nikola and Veronika.

Next week I’ll write about the characteristics of male names in the family.

See you then. Hope you find your name a great fit.

Sources: “Soul’s Touches” and “Greenwich Meridian”

Here is a link to American family names:

Copyright © 2015 Emma Blogs, LLC. All rights reserved.

Copyright (c) 2015 Emma Blogs, LLC. All rights reserved.

Lincoln Tribute

Writer Sarah Harmon participates in the Lincoln Tribute

Note: The article is Sarah Harmon’s account of the two-day Lincoln Tribute held in Washington D.C. at the Ford’s Theatre this week.

“The Lincoln Tribute was definitely unforgettable and I am so glad I was able to experience it,” Harmon said.

Sarah Harmon
EW writer Sarah Harmon in Paris

Lincoln Tribute, 150 anniversary

By Sarah Harmon

EW Emma’s Writings

“Lincoln shot! Condition considered hopeless!” Those were the headlines around America this very week 150 years ago. The night of April 14, 1865 changed the history of the United States forever when actor and Confederate sympathizer John Wilkes Booth jumped down onto the stage of Ford’s Theatre screaming “Sic semper tyrannus!” (Thus always to tyrants) and ran out the back of the theater after shooting President Abraham Lincoln. What should have been a time of celebration that after four long years, the Civil War was finally over immediately became a nation in mourning for one of its greatest leaders.

Lincoln Tribute
The box with the flag on the upper right of the theater picture is where Lincoln was sitting when he was shot.

The National Parks Service, Ford’s Theatre, and Civil War buffs everywhere have eagerly anticipated the commemoration of such an important turning point in American history. Museums throughout the D.C. held special exhibits in honor of the 150th anniversary of the Civil War and Lincoln assassination, and Ford’s Theatre in particular opened a special exhibit featuring artifacts that had not been all brought together under that roof since April 1865. Notable elements include the Derringer pistol Booth used as well as the bullet itself. They also show the objects that were in Lincoln’s pockets that fateful night. Perhaps most interesting of those was a Confederate five dollar bill.

Lincoln shot 1
The brick and white building is Ford’s Theatre during the vigil.

The two-day Lincoln Tribute at Ford’s Theatre began at 8 am on the fourteenth with a behind the scenes tour of the theater and concluded with the 7:30 pm performance of the play “Freedom’s Song: Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War” on the fifteenth. In addition to the usual spring performances of the one-act play “One Destiny” and the Detective McDevitt walking tour, several dozen living historians were on the sidewalks of Ford’s and across the street at the Petersen House, where Lincoln died. Both days included a panel discussion of the parallels between Lincoln and his legacy in America and the life and legacy of South African president Nelson Mandela. From 9pm to 10:15, the moment  Booth fired the gun, a special performance, “Now He Belongs to the Ages,” took place on the stage at Ford’s. It was streamed live online and at the National Portrait Gallery for those unable to get tickets inside the theater.

The show began with music and an introduction by Colin Powell. Actors and historians shared words spoken by and about Lincoln including some criticism from his peers to remind us that the sixteenth president was not just the perfect marble version in the Lincoln Memorial, but was a man with faults who loved to laugh, tell stories, and be a loving father to his sons as well as his nation.

Lincoln Tribute
Crowds during the candlelight vigil on Tenth Street with Petersen House on the left and Ford’s Theatre on the right at 11:30 p.m.

The sound and emotion of 150 years of history reverberated through the theater and Portrait Gallery courtyard as the audience  joined in singing “Amazing Grace,” a song Abraham knew and loved. Following the presentation, most participated in a candlelight vigil in honor of the president’s last hours, which he spent laying diagonally on a too small bed in Petersen House.

Actors in the crowds would suddenly burst into a monologue, telling of how she saw Booth just that afternoon or how he held Lincoln’s head while the doctor examined him. It truly felt almost as if the entire block traveled back in time a century and a half. The vigil and tours of the theater continued throughout the night and culminated in a ceremonial wreath laying outside Petersen House at 7:22 am, the moment Lincoln passed from life into history.

John Wilkes Booth wanted to be a hero for the Confederate cause by murdering the American President. He hoped that it would help to erase the name of the Great Emancipator from time, but in fact, his actions did more than any other single episode to make sure that the name of Abraham Lincoln would echo forever throughout the ages.

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Hoola dream

“Hoola” your dream for having  a home based business

By Emma Palova

EW Emma’s Writings

Lowell, MI- Inspired by another woman at the Grand Rapids Women’s Expo last year, Sue Majinska started her home based business with Hoola jewelry seven months ago.

“I love the idea of having unique jewelry that nobody else has,” said Majinska. “And being able to get it at a reasonable price.”

Well, who doesn’t?

Hoola jewelry
Sue Majinska surrounded by Hoola jewelry.

The Hoola interchangeable jewelry comes in individual kits with different pieces. From these kits, you design your own jewelry using a simple process. You start with a hoop, add a hoola, a second hoola and a third hoola or more if you wish. You get a beautiful piece of jewelry that looks a lot more expensive than it is.

The ever-changing jewelry sizzles and shines in daylight or night.

During the interview, Majinska showed two different kits and demonstrated the process how to put the jewelry together. The Silver Shine kit is for $49.99 and the Spring Bling Earring special kit is for $29.99. Each kit has a higher value. The shine kit is valued at $130 and the spring bling has a value of $70.

Hoola Jewelry is a new merchant this year in the GNO event.
Hoola Jewelry is a new merchant this year in the GNO event.

“It’s a new concept to West Michigan,” said Majinska.

The Hoola business women are home based jewelry consultants or reps. They come into other houses for Hoola parties for 10 to 15 women.

Although one on one consulting is also available, the preferred way are the jewelry design parties with boxed starter sets.

“You just take a basic hoop and add anything you want to it,” said Majinska. “You get out of one kit over a 100 looks.”

Majinska, who is on the phone a lot, likes the jewelry because of its light weight.

The basic material is fine sterling silver with 7.5 percent alloy to prevent breaking. Sterling silver will eventually tarnish, not by defect, but as a result of exposure to chemicals, cosmetics, hairspray perspiration, direct sunlight, or humidity.

Other interesting materials used to make different jewelry designs are Mother-of-Pearl (M.O.P.) This is a shell with a natural layer of nacre, making it a close “relative” to the pearl. It has a similar luster to pearl and it works well in designing combinations together.

Sue Majinska put on a Hoola demo at the Lowell Expo last month.
Sue Majinska put on a Hoola demo at the Lowell Expo last month.

The Spring Bling Earrings kit uses the mother-of-pearl hoolas for a colorful fresh look.

The company is a mother/daughter team, Laurel & Lauren Gravelyn based in Chelsey, Michigan.

For Hoola jewelry designers like Majinska, every day is like Christmas.

“How can you not go with that,” she said. “It’s no longer what am I going to do today?”

Most women like putting the jewelry together themselves. As a banker, Majinska deals with math every day.

“This is my creative side,” she said. “It allows me to be creative. I love being around people and socializing. Having a home-based business fits my personality.”

The other fun aspect of the Hoola business is that it moves with you.

“If we want to move, I can take it with me,” Majinska said.

Majinska carries all her Hoola jewelry in one compact bag.

And the company plans to grow all over 50 states. They have reps now in California and Florida.

“I think they would go international,” she said.

The Hoola business is allowing women to be independent and enjoy having options for jewelry that no one else has.

“You have a unique look,” Majinska said.

For Hoola parties, Majinska suggests having at least 10 to 15 people. She puts on a 15-minute demo, and then the hostess and the guests get to design their own interchangeable jewelry. The hostess earns her jewelry for putting on the party.

Majinska did well at last month’s Expo in Lowell.

“It was a great way to introduce the jewelry line to the local area,” she said. “It was time and money well spent. It was nice to see everybody in the community.

Majinska is taking the Hoola jewelry to Girls Night Out on April 16. She will be next to Advance Eye Care storefront along with Pauly’s.

For more information contact Majinska at 1-616-334-6744 or go to her Sue’s Hoola Jewelry facebook page.

Daily Prompt: Mad as a Hatter – Cough, splutter, cough


Hello to all. I will be writing more about this in May since it is the mental health month, and anger management is important.
However, most recently I was angry at myself for totally dehydrating after I didn’t get up from the computer for eight hours because I was working on a newsletter project. My blood pressure skyrocketed and my heart rate flew to the sky. I forgot to eat or drink the whole day.
I’ve struggled with anger many times for entire weeks or months. Anger roots deeply and sprouts quickly. Sometimes, I think it originates in my past. No matter how hard I tried, I never got the results I wanted. The harder I tried the worse the results.
Anger isn’t a totally negative emotion. If you don’t get certain thoughts out in the open, you will stew inside. It’s a matter of targeting.and how you get it out. I find exercise helps and writing or journaling, and of course meditation.

Originally posted on Chronicles of an Anglo Swiss:

Tell us about a time when you flew into a rage. What is it that made you so incredibly angry?

Bird on a tree

I do not do incredibly angry. I do not even know what incredibly angry is. I was not even annoyed when I uploaded this photo of a large bird and noticed that in that moment when I pressed the shooting button, he had turned his back on me, just my luck.

I only know that for the last 3-4 days some sort of attack has taken place in my physical existence. To be exact, it actually arrived about a week ago after I had been on one of my refreshing walks in the country. At last I was moving again, with a camera hanging around my neck, but physical exercise is good for you so they say, Admittedly there was a fresh, no cold breeze blowing and after leaving the…

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Calendar names fit personalities

Name day cards in Czech Repub;ic.
Name day cards in Czech Repub;ic.

Find your name a perfect fit to personality

By Emma Palova

EW Emma’s Writings

Lowell, MI- Most European countries have calendars with a name attributed to each day of the year. These are known as name or feast days. Even though some of them originate with the saints, or in the testaments, their secular counterparts are much more prevalent.

They are more like stars in the sky and their constellations.

Most recently with our EW writing team, we found out that each name carries certain characteristics depending on the zodiac sign of the birth date, and even on the last name. The astrologist in “Soul’s Touches” advises parents to do research before giving a certain name.

“Some names I wouldn’t recommend at all,” writes the astrologist.

Name days  in the Czech calendar.
Name days are listed in the Czech calendar.

Only a few names carry strong personality traits in all the zodiac signs, others do poorly. Some names are so bad, that the astrologist advises to go and have them changed at the birth registry office.

Naturally, I write about the personalities behind some names in the family in my memoir “Greenwich Meridian.” © copyright Emma Palova.

I actually know a lot of people, who hated their names so much, that they just prefer to be called someone else. My artist friend originally named Karen is now Casey. My mother Eliska uses the name Ella.

Here are a few examples of names with their personality traits. Let’s start with my mom, Eliska. The name day is on Oct. 5th.

Eliska is an old-fashioned name used in many European countries. Famous composer Ludwig van Beethoven used the German version of the name in his symphony bagatelle “For Elise.”

Editorial calendar
Prague horloge on the Old Town Hall by
“I love Czech Republic” group

The traits for Eliska according to Soul’s Touches: She loves to communicate, but she is very sensitive and longing for parental love.  Eliska has common traits like Edita. They’re both very efficient, true women. They get their men where they want them to be.

Other traits for Eliska and Edita: inquisitive, eager to learn, happy, sometimes wild and very protective of their nests with the little ones.

The astrologist recommends the name for all zodiac signs.

My own name Emma with the name day falling on April 8th carries with it emotional problems because of the Sun in reverse position, according to Soul’s Touches. Other than that, Emmas are intelligent, lucky with huge personalities. However, the planet Pluto stops them or slows them down right before attaining their goals. Jupiter gives them luck, as well as the Sun. A career for Emma is a possibility, but there are problems in the family.

It’s interesting that Emma can help other people, but refuses to help herself. She is a fatalist by nature, meaning she believes in destiny and fate. The astrologist recommends the name in Aquarius (Jan. 20- Feb. 18).

However, I was born in May( Taurus), and even though most characteristics apply to me, one definitely doesn’t. And that is that I am lucky. I never won a dime in my life, except for $4 on a $1 ticket at a general store.

There’s an old saying in Czech, if you have luck in love, you won’t have it at game. (Lotto, gambling)

My mom gave me the name based on romantic connotations, when she a read a novel about a man deeply in love with a woman named Emma. He wrote her a letter, “Dear Emma.” In Czech, it sounds better, “Mila Emmo.”

Early on some people called me Ommo, which was a laundry detergent. I’ve always liked my name, because it is so short. The name originates in France.

I love the name so much that I named my daughter Emma, who was coincidentally born on her name day. My friend Eva named her daughter Emma in honor of me. The name has had  a recent upsurge and trends in popularity.

On March 19th, I wrote about the name day Josephine, but not about the characteristics of the name, because I didn’t  know them yet.

The characteristics that come with the name Jos are: talented, but shy, humble with karmic burden. Sensitive, more comfortable with animals than people, especially early in life and in puberty. Josephine needs to know that she is loved. Later, in life, the characteristics will also depend on her last name, main coordinate and date of birth. She is influenced by the Sun, Mars, Mercury and Saturn. The astrologist recommends the name in warm and stable zodiac signs, where Josephine feels the best.

My sister-in-law Jarmila, who inspired my first novel “Fire on Water” © copyright Emma Palova, carries the full burden that comes with the name. She tries hard and is eager to learn. Jarmila has a potential to go far with her career, but emotional problems prevail. She refuses to adapt, thus the inner inadaptability creates chaos in her life. The name is influenced by the Sun, the Moon, reversed Sun with Pluto.

Pluto is a tiny and treacherous planet.

“I wouldn’t name my daughter Jarmila, because of its primordial vibrations that affect the entire life,” wrote the astrologist in Soul’s Touches. “I don’t recommend it at all.”

In spite of the bad vibrations, Jarmila said she would not change her name.

“I like it,” she said.

Jarmila celebrates her name day on Feb. 4.

To be continued……….

Sources: “Soul’s Touches” and “Greenwich Meridian.”

Copyright © Emma Blogs, LLC. All rights reserved.

Easter Monday in Czech Republic

Easter Monday traditions in Czech & Slovak villages

By Emma Palova

Stipa, Czech Republic- Emma & Ella Chavent get Easter whipping with custom home-made whips on Monday. For French girl Ella, it is the first time participating in an age-old tradition. She will tie a ribbon to the whips.

According to most, the lashing does not hurt.


On Easter Monday in Czech Republic, boys and men in villages head out to whip girls and women of the house. In turn for the whipping, they get shots of plum brandy, eggs and treats. The tradition resembles the whipping of the Christ. It is a holiday. Most men make their own braided whips from willow branches. The big whips have 12 willow branches, that have to be soaked overnight in hot water before braiding. They also have a braided handle. The girls tie ribbons to the whips.

At the end of the day, the groups walk the sidewalks with colorful whips. The whip with the most ribbons becomes a token of pride. The most popular girls run out of ribbons.

In neighboring country Slovakia, the men pour water on the women and girls, sort of like the “bucket challenge” here., as well as the whipping.

The cold water signifies health, beauty and purification.

Here is an excerpt from a Globe & Mail article by Slovak-Canadian writer Miriam Matejova:

“My Slovak Easter traditions mixed paganism with blatant gender inequality,” she wrote. “As a naturalized Canadian, I have treasured my ability to choose the traditions I find appealing and disregard those I detest. I have come to understand that it is fine to let go of some pieces of home and adopt a few new ways instead.”

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Happy Easter 2015

Easter traditions bring families together

By Emma Palova

EW Emma’s Writings

Lowell, MI-I would like to wish everyone a happy Easter from the EW team. So, you can enjoy it with your family and friends like we do. Our family had to celebrate early, because of our  multicultural differences.

Czech Easter traditions and symbols.
Czech Easter traditions and symbols.

We had a great time with Maranda, Jake and Josephine Palova. I even got my weight lifting in by throwing her up and down in my arms. She weighs exactly what I lift, that is 20 pounds.

For our Easter meal we had fried turkey loins with potato salad. Our appetizer featured open-faced sandwiches and classical Walachian salad or fleisch salad.

Czech Easter whipping custom.
Czech Easter whipping custom.

In the afternoon, we practiced the Czech whipping custom. In turn for whipping, Maranda and I gave shots of plum brandy to the men.

“This is great mom,” said Jake. “Just like at home.”

Easter desserts
Easter desserts
Easter eggs.
Easter eggs.

Well, back in Czech Republic, the big day is Easter Monday. Yet to come. Happy Easter to all.

For more stories on Czech Easter traditions go to CJ Aunt Jarmilka’s Desserts on

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April newsletter
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Memoir highlights Czech & Slovak Easter traditions

Easter 2015

Moravian villages  adhere to old Easter customs
Moravian villages adhere
to old Easter customs

Easter evokes memories of Czech Republic

By Emma Palova

EW Emma’s Writings

In my memoir “Greenwich Meridian,” I write about Czech and Slovak traditions that I have witnessed while living in Czechoslovakia with a touch of nostalgia. Some of them disappeared along with the old regimes, but most have survived mainly in villages and small towns preserved by enthusiastic small groups of people. Festive costumes for the holidays and special events reflect these traditions, as well as  music, dance, food, and customs specific to each village and town.

We lived in Zlin, Moravia, which is the central part of former Czechoslovakia embedded in traditions. Both as a child and an adult, I lived and visited with my grandparents in Vizovice, a treasure trove of traditions.

cousin Bronislav Pink
Cousin Bronislav Pink ready for “schmigrust”

Easter celebrations in Czech and some other European countries are longer by one day, and that is Monday.
We have always indulged in lavish preparations for the long Easter weekend. That meant having enough meat, desserts, eggs, and beverages for three days. There were long lines just like before any major holiday. I spent a lot of time standing in lines and listening to what the old broads had to say.
“I am not going to tell him how much I spent,” a woman  wearing a scarf and a fluffy skirt shook her head defiantly.
The other one with an apron over her dress smelled of burnt dough.
I thought, she must have burnt her kolache, a traditional festive pastry with plum butter.
The broad leaned closer to the first one and whispered something into her ear. Then they both laughed, until their bellies and chests were heaving up and down. I learned a lot standing in lines. The longer the line, the more I learned.
So, the culmination of it all is Easter Monday known for its “schmigrust,” an old whipping custom.

Traditional Czech festive costumes.
Traditional Czech festive costumes.

On that day, early in the morning ,large groups of boys and young men head out into the streets with their braided knot-grass whips or oversized wooden spoons decorated with ribbons. The day before, they spent many hours skillfully braiding their whips out of willow twigs or scouring the house for the biggest wooden spoon.
The boys go door to door, reciting traditional Easter carols like “Hody, hody doprovody,” asking the lady of the house for painted eggs. Then, they whip all the present women in exchange for decorated eggs and ribbons. Single women, and girls tied ribbons on top of the whip. I always wondered about the whipping custom, long before I ever set my foot out into the world. One day, grandma Anna finally explained it to me.
“It is supposed to resemble the whipping of Christ before he died,” she said.
“But, grandma that’s evil,” I cried.
Grandma just shrugged, and turned away. Later in life, I knew better than to question a tradition.

Easter desserts
Easter desserts

Women of the house offered  shots of plum brandy, usually home-made or acquired through bartering to the “schmigrust” groups. Even family members took part in this ritual. Uncles and cousins visited for coffee, festive desserts such as kolache, shots and meaningful conversation.
On a good year, and especially when I was a teenager, we got anywhere around 100 passionate revelers. Sometimes, I ran out of ribbons. The boys and young men, competing against each other, took pride in the number of ribbons they got. The craft stores had to stock up with meters and meters of ribbons, plain or embroidered. The hens, of course, felt obligated to produce more eggs.

For more on Easter desserts go to CJ Aunt Jarmilka’s Desserts on


Copyright © 2015 story and photos by Emma Palova, costume photo by “I love Czech Republic” photo group

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Happy Easter and blogging to all from
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