Bubble cake tart discussions: Internet

Bubble cake with red currant berries.
Bubble cake with red currant berries.

I am launching the bubble cake tart discussions that can go with your coffee or tea to make the journal more interactive with reader input. After each week I will post a summary of findings. The initial Internet cake tart discussion will run longer for 3-4 weeks and it will include discussion prompts.

Why bubble cake tart?

Because the opinions and findings can be either sweet as a cake or sour as currant berries. The goal is to fuse these with new findings into a sweet and sour concoction.

As the first theme I picked the Internet, since it has influenced the way we do business, the way we communicate, the way we educate ourselves and others, the way we shop, and basically the way we live.

The question was inspired by Ryan Peel (see his story in Meet Ryan Peel) and Alan Teelander (see Internet Publisher: Move into modern age

Where do you think the Internet will take us in 5 years, in 10 years and in 20 years respectfully?

Lowell resident Alan Teelander on the theme of Internet. 

Teelander is an Internet publisher.

Name: Alan Teelander

Website: http://www.fadedfootsteps.com

Comment: The numbers I have heard are that 48% of all internet sales were made on a “hand-held” device in 2012. That number is projected to grow to 60% in 2013. People are becoming more comfortable in purchasing online and the trend will continue to grow. What does this mean? There will be a lot of opportunities for home-based businesses to make a nice income. These entrepreneurs will have more free time, use less gas by not driving to work, have more time with their families, will grow their knowledge along with having the satisfaction of creating something that years ago was impossible. People are hungry for information and product reviews. My www.bestcutlery.net and http://www.fadedfootsteps.com websites are two examples of my creativity and show what you might be able to do. Visitwww.wmeu.org for more free information on how to get started.

I will post a summary. Watch for it. Participate. Comment. Have fun.

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