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Emma Palova,  born (Konecna) in former Czechoslovakia, is a journalist, author, short story writer & a screenwriter, based in Lowell, Michigan.

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She launched her writing career in Montreal, Canada as a correspondent for Czechoslovak, Newsweek, NYC and Prague-based Reporter.

She taught English as a second language for French Canadians and African immigrants, as well as for Russians in her homeland. She received bachelor’s degree from University of Brno, Czech Republic.

Palova has pursued journalism & photography throughout the years writing for hometown newspapers, regional magazines and on the WordPress platform.

“Small towns in Midwest America continue to inspire my work,” she said. “I find strength in my characters modeled after the resilient people in face of adversity. I love the Lake Michigan shoreline, its beaches and forests.”

She continues her work on volume II of the short stories collection, “Shifting Sands,” that she started writing during her studies of creative writing at the International Correspondence Schools. (ICS), Montreal.

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The collection “Shifting Sands” is slated for June 1st publication on Kindle, Amazon.
She has developed her own literary style influenced by Earnest Hemingway, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, playwright Tennessee Williams, poet Stanley Kunitz and playwright, late Czech president Vaclav Havel.

The highlights of Palova’s journalistic, publishing  & entrepreneurial career include:

“Shifting Sands” a collection of short stories, Kindle Amazon, June 1, 2017

Emma Blogs, LLC, a publishing, marketing content company on the WordPress platform, 2015, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Novel: “Fire on Water” based on the communist experience in former Czechoslovakia

Screenplay: “Riddleyville Clowns” set in Midwest America

Work in progress:

“Greenwich Meridian, where East meets West”

ABC Rooms application

Konecny Saga, Ancestry Konecny


Associated Press, syndication of human interest stories

Gatehouse Media, column

Development of successful series:

IW Inspiring Women, About local entrepreneurs

Travel series:

Europe, 2013, France, 2016

Awards for community reporting

David Letterman presents story about 13-year-old Belding boy who delivered his sister in the bathroom of the family home.

Palova has successfully parlayed journalism into fiction creating signature literary fusion.

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