There is no Reprieve from writing. Call it passion, obsession or both.

The writing demons in my head woke me up early in the morning, somewhere between the night and the day.

The persistent insomnia caused by the flow of ideas perpetuates itself from day into the night and vice versa. It is a dream come true for any writer; that is fluent writing time without blocks.

It is especially important now as I am moving into the publishing finale of my “Shifting Sands Short Stories.”

It is in this quiet time without outside disturbing energies, that I manage to write the most. Plus, I have the rest of the day to reflect on the morning production to improve it and carry it forward.

Just to illustrate how early this morning’s start was is that when I checked the Daily Post prompt for today @reprieve around 6 or 7 a.m. there were no responses yet. As I write this some five hours later, there were 64 interpretations of the “reprieve” prompt.

I find the reprieve theme very fitting before the Memorial Day long weekend. It will be a good quality time spent grilling, gardening and at my favorite spot on Murray Lake.

On Monday, I like to go to the Memorial Day parade in Lowell to honor the veterans at the Oakwood Cemetery.

Sexton Don DeJong makes the cemetery a place to observe history with his historical cemetery walks. DeJong has compiled the cemetery info into several books over the years. Watch for more stories.

Boating on Murray Lake in Michigan.

I am grateful for this much-needed time off for all of us to restart again.

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Rainbow tonight

Tonight’s glory, a rainbow in the sky around 9 pm when the sun peaked out for a few seconds before going to bed.

It was the Red Nose Day in the USA, a fundraiser for charities including feeding hungry kids in our country.

Donate at


A nice sighting at our ranch this evening. Mother Nature is magnificent.

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A Cinema Masterclass by Clint Eastwood – Festival de Cannes

I love the Cannes Film Festival. I’ve been twice to it, and I am ready to go again as my creative work is moving along.

Hello from my daughter Doc Emma in Cannes 2017.

News from Cannes 2017.

My new book “Shifting Sands ” Short Stories is coming out on June on Amazon.

It is a collection of short stories from Main Street America and beyond.

Shifting sands cover

You’re welcome to pre-order next week on kindle Amazon.

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A great day

Today was a great day to be alive. I finished an enormous project. 

I uploaded “Shifting Sands”, a collection of short stories that I have written during my various careers as a store clerk, realtor, designer, photographer and a journalist to Kindle Amazon, available for pre-order soon.

I was inspired by regular people who can do crazy things under pressure. 

Come join us the route of a storyteller through grains of time.

Shifting Sands manuscript

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