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Writer’s Digest competition

Writer’s Digest competition deadline is coming up

By Emma Palova

EW Emma’s Writings

Lowell, MI -June 5th is the deadline for the major annual Writer’s Digest contest. I am entering this year with the following pieces in two different categories. The first one is non-fiction article that deeply touched me, “Hiker Babe walks in memory of daughter.”

This article is about a woman whom I have known for a long time. Her name is Gail Lowe. Lowe is a retired nurse, who has hiked the Appalachian Trail twice and most recently the North Country Trail in memory of her daughter Becka.

Becka's Hike
Mission accomplished

Lowe’s only fear remains that she won’t be able to hike anymore because of aging. Becka’s fear before she passed from breast cancer was not to be forgotten. So, her mother immortalized her with the 4,600-mile long hike through seven Midwest states. She got sick on the trail and turned 65.

The second piece I am submitting is fiction based in reality, “Twice into the same river.”

There is a saying that you cannot step twice into the same river, meaning that everything flows with time.

Well, I have. First, in the late eighties when I took care of my grandparents until their death. Then, I left Czech Republic for the USA.

Brother and sister in Reed City, a theme for a short story.
Brother and sister in Reed City, a theme for a short story.

Now, I am facing the same destiny with my brother who suffers from paranoid schizophrenia. He can and cannot take care of himself. He refuses to take medication and is very angry most of the time.

I fear that I am not going to be able to handle him. The unknown ahead is so overwhelming that’s why I am writing about it to ease the burden.

I will be stepping twice into the same river, only some 25 years later.

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Emma Blogs Newsletter

April newsletter brings blog news in a capsule

Hello to all,

The April newsletter is here. It’s been on my radar screen since I’ve established Emma Blogs, LLC. Every month, the newsletter will feature news from the blogs portfolio, blogging tips and editorial/marketing calendar. Features will include  en excerpt from the  story of the month and a featured blogger. You can submit who do you think should be featured and why, as well as a story,a poem or a photo with links to your blogs. You can also submit a story about your niche business with a link.

April newsletter
Emma Blogs newsletter for April.

The deadline for submission for the May newsletter is April 20. Happy blogging.

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The old-fashioned beauty of hydrangeas cannot be substituted. The old-fashioned beauty of hydrangeas cannot be substituted.

Coming soon is Emma Palova’s personal story about her cataract eye surgeries and bouncing back after almost complete blindness.

See story Waiting for Dr. Verdier on http://emmapalova.com

I wrote about Dr.Verdier while freelancing for the Grand Rapids Magazine and Advance Newspapers about 10 years ago. At the time I did not expect I would be needing a surgery so soon.

“Hello youngster,” greeted me Dr.Verdier during evaluation last month.

“You’re the youngest person in here,” said the anesthesiologist later in the surgery room.

“Yes, everything is relative in this world,” I said.

I am…

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Entrepreneurial Encounters

Entrepreneurial encounters will take us to the stars

By Emma Palova

I am starting a new screenwriting blog with focus on a screenplay that I have written in  2008-2009 when my husband Ludek was working in Wisconsin.

I was still writing for the Lowell Ledger stories about window donations, charities and non-profits right before Christmas. I purchased Final Draft Scriptwriter’s Suite, and tested the program on a short one-act play “Santa on the Showboat.”

Every day after work, I  sat behind a PC computer, after working on a Mac at the office, and started spitting out words.

“You’re bilingual,” said former Lowell Light & Power manager Tom referring to my two computers at work, side by side. But, I am also fully bilingual in English and Czech.

I wrote a screenplay “Riddleyville Clowns” in three months, and I registered it with Writer’s Guild of America, West WGAW. I have the certificate framed and displayed.

Western Guild of America, West screenplay certificate for Riddleyville Clowns
Western Guild of America, West screenplay certificate for Riddleyville Clowns

“That in itself is a feat,” local businesswoman complimented me.

I consider myself and my friends as keen entrepreneurs. During my recent visit to Europe, I encountered many of them. One entrepreneur Ales Kobylik owns an information firm TechnoDat in Zlin, another one owns York Café in Vizovice.

“That’s named after the owner of the building Eda York,” said Petr Surovec, owner of the York Café.

Some 20 years ago, I gave advise to my cousin cartoonist Olin Pink to start a graphic firm. He learned the design program and established the successful Grafik firm located in Stipa.

Most recently, I told my sister-in-law Jarmila to start a baking business CJ Aunt Jarmilka’s Cukrovi. I designed her blog. She is a successful baker who also lives in Stipa.

When the Parnell store was for sale, I was ready to buy it, but somebody beat me to it. Last year, I started writing my memoir “Greenwich Meridian where East meets West.” I designed the blog EW Emma’s Writings on WordPress to support its publication.

Now, I am caught in a web of words, SEO and SEM, content writing, grouping and regrouping of words. One of the most wanted skills on Elance and Indeed is knowledge of WordPress which took me in turn to programming and coding.

Where will the Internet take us?