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Author- photographer portrays Detroit’s hidden gems, obscure sites


In her Detroit Revealed: A Different View of the Motor City, author-photographer Leslie Cieplechowicz highlights the obscure and amazing hidden gems of the city which is sometimes portrayed as unapproachable. The imagery highlights places only seen by local people who have created a rich culture and scenery that is veiled from the public eye.

“I wanted to share my view of the city,” she said.

Cieplechowicz worked as an EMS paramedic for the Detroit Fire Department. She returned to the sites of former EMS encounters to capture the images, all 4,000 of them. 150 best pictures made it into the book.

“I captured the heart of the city and the people,” she said. “I put a positive spin on a city that gets a negative reputation.”

The book serves as a city guide for both locals and visitors with its stunning imagery, history of the sites, and addresses.

“You can visit all the places,” she said.

Walk along the radiant blue riverfront of the Detroit River and view the beautiful structures glittering in the sunlight. Hang out at the hole-in-the-wall local bar and absorb the glow from the antique fixture that bathes the vintage decor in a warm light.

Head to the streets in a snowstorm, and peer through a broken window down Jefferson Avenue at a city shrouded in swirling white flakes. Or check out an old, dimly lit industrial center that has been turned into an enclave for local singers and artists to hone their talent, whose studios are a splash of faded records, flashing neon lights, and vibrant flags.


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Author Ingar Rudholm talks about sales & marketing


The author of the Traveling Circus series, Ingar Rudholm, talks about selling and marketing your books in an increasingly complex market flooded with social media algorithms. Listen in for a chance to win a signed copy of Traveling Circus and the Secret Talent Scroll. The episode was sponsored by Doc Chavent and The Lowell Ledger.

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Pages Promotions hosts Indie Author Virtual Book Festival


Author Diana Kathryn Plopa, founder of Pages Promotions talks about the upcoming Virtual Book Festival in February with author Emma Palova, host and producer of For the Love of Books Podcast. Listen in for a chance to win free registration and Plopa’s book A Duck Quacks.

In support of Indie and small press author all over the world, Plopa is hosting the Virtual Book Festival on Zoom, from Feb. 1 through Feb. 28. The deadline for authors to apply is January 15.

It’s wintertime in Michigan (and other parts of the world), and authors aren’t easily able to meet with crowds of readers at book festivals and fairs like we do in the warmer months… so we’re hosting a Virtual Book Festival to give you the opportunity to discover new authors and their books… all while staying warm!

Each day, we’ll share live interviews with authors, listen to them read some of their work, play games, give away prizes with the Spinny Wheel of Happiness, and generally have a good time with the written word. 

 Writers can sometimes be a wacky group of unpredictable people… after all, we make stuff up for a living.  You never know what kind of literary shenanigans might happen…

​So visit our Facebook page every day to see what’s coming next!

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Author Karen Tintori pens Unto the Daughters


In her memoir and historical mystery Unto the Daughters, author & former journalist Karen Tintori unveils a family secret set in turn-of-the-century Detroit. The inciting incident to break the silence was an obliterated passport, and then a wedding photo.


“I am Italian, ” she said. “My mother’s side of the family was from southern Sicily. You don’t tell family secrets.”

The story of her great-grandaunt Francesca haunted Tintori’s inquisitive mind for decades. After 12 years, three novels, and advice from the editor, Tintori re-imagined the haunting truth of an honor killing.

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Author Ann Dallman pens Cady and the Birchbark Box


Ann Dallman has lifelong roots in Michigan’s UP. She started out as a newspaper reporter/photographer and returned to journalism after retiring from teaching. 
In Cady and the Birchbark Box, Cady Whirlwind Thunder solves the mystery behind a weathered journal found inside a very old birchbark box. Why was the box buried behind a deserted garage?
This is the question her friend and “crush,” John Ray Chicaug, asks her after the two of them find it. And, what meaning do the notes in the book have? Cady’s grandma and her ever-present companion, a noisy blue jay, encourage her as she puts together the pieces and ultimately restores the reputation of a deceased elder.
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Author Janet Vormittag pens Cat Women of West Michigan


Janet Vormittag of West Michigan calls herself ‘A Crazy Cat Lady,’ and thus the name of her book series with the newest book out just in time for the holidays. Cat Women of West Michigan tells 30 compelling stories of passionate women who do cat rescue in many different forms from the actual rescue to Cat Cafe in Grand Rapids.

Vormittag became the self-proclaimed  ‘A Crazy Cat Lady’ in the mid-80s with the rescue of an injured kitten Lucy in Saugatuck that lived 10 years.

“They’re not crazy cat ladies,” she said. “Just compassionate women.”

She connected with these women through her quarterly magazine Cats and Dogs.

“I was struck by women rescuing cats,” she said.

And the number of euthanized cats went down from 8,000 to 189 over the last 15 years since the publication started.

“It’s a community problem,” she said.

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Author Carol Nickles pens Thumb Fire Desire


This historical fiction novel was inspired by the biggest natural disaster in Michigan-the fire of 1881. Author Carol Nickles kept the idea for the story along with notes in a box for close to 20 years.

Then she decided either she was going to write the story or burn the box, and that’s how Thumb Fire Desire was born with the help of a developmental editor.

“I’ve always wanted to tell this story,” she said.

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Author Kathryn Den Houter pens psychological thriller ’Prison Shadows’


Psychologist turned author delivers it all in this disturbing novel set in Marquette State Prison in Michigan’s U.P. inspired by real-life stories of inmates told in her practice, and by her husband’s stories.

Protagonist Clifford Ratz is a small-town drug dealer who gets caught near Mason by an astute cop.

“It’s a tale about his life,” Den Houter said, “because he was passive he became a target of other prisoners. I wanted to convey that prisoners are human beings.”

Several strains run through this meticulously crafted psychological suspense novel; from Ratz’s passive humanity, his daughter’s rebellion, and the police & correctional systems at work, to loving beyond betrayal.

As a psychologist, Den Houter knows what makes her characters click, in fiction and in real life. And the cover eloquently captures Ratz’s humanity.

“It’s a very real face of someone who was down on his luck,” Den Houter said.

And all of us have a dark side. Some of us just don’t manage it well. So what do we need from each other so that we can go on living?

The novel answers that question. Listen in for a chance to win a signed copy of ‘Prison Shadows.’

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T.J.London pens prequel ’Man of War’


It was actually fashion that got T.J. London interested in the American Revolutionary War as a young author as simple as it may seem.

“I was getting into my persona,” she said. “The look got me interested in that time period. Now it draws attention to my books.”

Yes, it was the red coats and tricorne hats that sparked the imagination of a young mind, and later served well as a counseling tool during a period of grief. Rather, than writing a journal, T.J. London went the whole way and wrote ‘Man of War.’

T.J. London is an expert at digging out little-known facts in history and asking herself questions. She was referring to battles in upstate New York that T.J. London didn’t know about.

“Why don’t we learn this stuff,” she said.

What fascinated T.J. London were all the changes that were happening at the same time.

“It was this incredible cataclysmic moment in history,” she said. “But in fiction where were those stories? I felt like I needed to know more.”

And the prequel is not just about the revolution, but also about digging deep into the roots of what was going on T.J. London’s life after the loss of her father.

It took her four years to write ‘Man of War’ backed up by solid research about the Royal Navy.

Come along on a journey with ambitious captain Merrick and revengeful India for a chance to win a signed copy of ‘Man of War.’

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