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In advance, I would like to thank everyone interested in writing reviews. They help both the authors and the readers.

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When writing a review, just answer three simple questions:

1- What did you like about the book?

2- What will you remember?

3- What were the major takeaways?

Here is an example of a review of Emma Palova’s newest book the “Greenwich Meridian Memoir.”

Greenwich Meridian Memoir cover designed by Jeanne Boss.

Full review

Greenwich Meridian Memoir is a book full of history and family struggles.  It covers a period of time Emma and her family lived through, as they experienced oppression in their homeland of Czechoslovakia.  Having to escape their beloved homeland, Emma’s father, Vaclav, a university professor by trade, and mother, Ella, a pharmacist, encountered many day-to-day roadblocks, limited job opportunities and clandestine lives as they attempted to carve out a safe and fulfilling future for their family of four.

With periods of time separated from one another, Ella and Vaclav remained devoted to their family and each other.  Through the words of Emma, her father and her mother, you will learn the struggles they faced.  This is a book of survival, of love as well as one of triumph.

Carol Briggs, Lowell Person of the Year, 2019

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Other tips for writing reviews:

1- They don’t have to be long, but should answer the following questions:

2- What did I like about this book and why?

3- What will I remember from this book?

4- Which was my favorite story? And why?

5- How has this book changed me?

6- You can mention the author, but it shouldn’t be the main focus of the review.

Below is a review of the book “Secrets” from Carol Briggs, Person of the Year 2019:

In reading these short stories within the “Shifting Sands: Secrets” book 2 collection, I found I enjoyed the fact that locations in many of the stories reminded me of my hometown. Some town names were very familiar to me, giving the stories a more personal feel.

Many of the characters within the stories were desperate for a fulfilled life; one that seemed to elude them. In trying to fill a void, there were at times some choices made which created the secrets that were kept. Some secrets were assumed by acquaintances, friends or co-workers, while other secrets were kept under wraps for many years.

In Silk Nora, the “Silk City Girls,” spent their days weaving silk from stockings. It was a pleasant read as a friendship developed between Nora and Doris, the matron of the dormitory in which Nora lived. Set in the 1920s, the factory work was a good way for a single woman to make a living. Once she met Harry and fell in love, her life seemed complete, until Harry leaves to be a war correspondent in London and her best friend becomes seriously ill.

This collection has such a variety of stories and characters that there will be ample opportunity for readers to enjoy many of the tales written. Even though this type of writing is not my strongest area of interest, there are such heartwarming sections and intriguing people depicted that I was glad I read it. I think you will be also.

Carol Briggs, PERSON OF THE YEAR 2019

May 19

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