EP Foundation

Hello friends,

I am in the process of establishing the Emma Palova Foundation for Arts & Science to help fund innovative projects that will move the humankind forward. That  is the primary purpose of the foundation.

However, most recently I have been rethinking the second goal of the foundation, that would tie in closely with the humanitarian mission, close at home.

I will provide further details, as the project develops.

And the third goal is a  project very close to my heart. That  is helping women in the Third  World countries in conjunction with the Sow Hope organization based in Grand Rapids.

“I have learned that helping women is the key to unlocking poverty,” said Mary Dailey Brown, president of http://www.sowhope.org in a recent interview for the IW Inspiring Women series on EW Emma’s Writings.

Helping impoverished women
Sow Hope president Mary Dailey Brown.

Donations can be sent to Emma Palova,  Lowell, MI, 49331, USA with label for which cause or directly to Sow Hope, Mary Dailey Brown.

Helping impoverished women
Documentary screened in Grand Rapids to raise awareness and funds for IWD.

You can  advertise on Emma Blogs LLC to support the production of the e-sites and the EP foundation. The blogs cover a wide range of topics from international, travel, health, wellness, beauty, homes, great outdoors and much more.

The main international section focuses on the family immigration saga under the title “Greenwich Meridian where East meets west.”

You can e-mail press releases to emmapalova@yahoo.com three to four weeks prior to your event.

You can also join the EW team as a writer, sales representative or marketer.

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