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Greenwich Meridian Memoir

“Greenwich Meridian Memoir” is an epic story of love and emigration from former Czechoslovakia to the U.S. spanning two generations. The Konecny immigration saga plays out on the backdrop of two major historic events that propelled the set of main characters Ella & Vaclav, Emma & Ludek into action: the 1968 Prague Spring and the 1989 Velvet Revolution.
Ella & Vaclav left the country in the aftermath of the 1968 Prague Spring movement led by Alexander Dubcek. At the time of Prague Spring, professor Vaclav Konecny was teaching math at the University of Khartoum in Sudan. However, the invasion of Soviet tanks and their permanent base in Czechoslovakia, was the driving force to defect the country. However, mom Ella struggled with this decision returned  back to Czechoslovakia for President Svoboda’s amnesty in 1973. The 1989 Velvet Revolution led by late Czech president Vaclav Havel fueled the action of the seoond generation of characters, Emma and Ludek Pala.

Shifting Sands: Secrets

Shifting Sands: Secrets is book no.2 in the Shifting Sands short stories series.

From action-packed 40 Hunks to the corrupt police chief Will who extorts favors from his victims during hometown events, to Father Samuel in White Nights, the book delivers egoistical characters to the reader. Thematically the subjects of the stories the epic human struggle for happiness. Some stories like the Chief and Secrets in Ink are based on my journalistic experience covering small towns. Typishly Magazine wrote: “The story Chief has a nice premise: The town had two memories; one forgiving and one unforgiven. The main historical fiction story “Silk Nora” is set in turn of the century Belding known as the “Silk City Capital of the World. The silk mills employed hundreds of female workers who were housed at the Belrockton Dormitory. The story takes place on the backdrop of major inventions.

Shifting Sands: Short Stories

Shifting Sands: Short Stories is a collection of short stories where the heroes and heroines shift their destinies like grains of sand in an hour glass, quite to the surprise of the reader. Sometimes the characters have to pass through the narrow part, only to emerge different in a new form. They’re packed in the crowd with others or loose by themselves, either stranded or pushed to the wall. The shifting shows that everything changes and is like a fluid energy in life.
Come along on the route of a storyteller in 2017. Come and visit Midwest Riddleyville and beyond.

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