Healthy Corner

Herbs and teas that heal

By Betty Dickinson

Ionia, MI- Since, spring is coming. It’s time to get ready for gardening, healthy and organic.

Betty Dickinson penned ""Creating a healthy corner"
Betty Dickinson of Ionia

What are some herbs I can grow and the medicinal teas that can be made out of them?

Cindy C. of Ionia

BURDOCK can be wild gathered or you can grow it for constipation, eczema and psoriasis and other skin problems. When wild gathering herbs be sure that it is not near where it is exposed to sprays and herbicides.

CHAMOMILE is another herb that can be wild gathered if you can identify it. The tea benefits inflammation, muscle spasms, and restlessness. ( If you have a ragweed allergy, you might also have an allergic reaction to this herb.)

FENNEL is a perennial herb that benefits osteoporosis and stomach cramps.

LAVENDER is a potent herb that treats anxiety, insomnia, irritability, and restlessness.

Lsvender is good for anxiety and insomnia.
Lsvender is good for anxiety and insomnia.

LEMON BALM is another herb to help digestive disorders, nervousness, and skin conditions.

PLANTAIN is another plentiful wild herb that helps coughing, inflammation, and insect/animal bites.

RED CLOVER is great to help menopause symptoms, osteoporosis, and skin condition.

SAGE TEA or use in cooking benefits digestive disorders and menopause symptoms.

THYME treats allergies, colds, cuts or scrapes, fungal infections and respiratory infections.

These will last for many years as they are perennials, but most of them can spread and possibly choke some out unless you can grow in raised separate beds. Low growing plants like thyme should be planted in front of your herb garden. It  will be satisfying to dry your own herbs and enjoy a cup of tea from them. These herbs are easy and will grow in about any location that supplies some sunshine and moisture.

Teas can be made from any part of the plant (flowers, leaves, roots, and stems), the effective parts will vary with different plants. If you decide to self-treat with a herb be sure and safely identify it and get your doctor’s advice when using it, especially in larger amounts.

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