Interview with my parents for Greenwich Meridian

I interviewed my parents Ella and Vaclav during my writing retreat for “Greenwich Meridian.”
I’ve done a lot of interviews in my journalistic career from politicians to embezzling treasurers, and superintendents.
But, the interview with my parents for the book about our immigration saga was difficult for both sides, for them as the initiators and founders, and for me as the successor, follower and the scribe.
However, alea iacta est or the dice are rolling just like many years ago when my parents decided in Africa that they were not going to return into then Soviet-occupied Czechoslovakia. Instead they fled to Saskatoon, Canada, while still having a chance to return home.
So, we talked extensively about what happed between 1964 and 1976.
I was glad they were both present because at times they had

to fill in for each other. After all it’s been more than 40 years that some of the key events took place.

Ella & Vaclav near Myakka River.

It was a highly emotional interview, but very productive. We kept putting it off and procrastinating into eternity.
I guess everybody is afraid to bravely face their past.
As always my parents stood up to the challenge unveiling the most remote corners in the labyrinth of their hearts.

to be continued
posted aboard Air Tran from Venice via Android
Copyright (c) 2013 Emma Palova


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