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Podcast guests in May, June

Summer brings a variety of guests

By Emma Palova

I am pleased to announce the following guest lineup for my two favorite months May and June. The authors range from novices to experts. I like the representation of many genres that reflect the diversity of For the Love of Books Podcast show.

It is now made possible by sponsors Doc Chavent, The Lowell Ledger, and Modern History Press. I am always looking for new sponsors, so I can add more authors. We are deeply grateful for your sponsorship.

I was very pleased to have a special guest, Diana Duell of Muskegon, on the show. Duell supports Indie authors in a very unique way in that she buys all our books at art fairs and shows in West Michigan.

“I like supporting local businesses,” she said, “and writing is a craft.”

Also special in June will be Mark Loeb director of Integrity Shows talking about the Palmer Park Art Fair on June 4th & 5th in Detroit.

Listen in to these fine guests on http://emmapalova123.podbean or wherever you get your podcasts.

The featured photo is a letter from author Amy Klco’s student who won a series of her books. Listen in to the episodes for a chance to win a signed copy of your next favorite read.

Guest Schedule for May

Robin Marvel, Healing Childhood Trauma, May 10

Diana Duell, special guest, May 20

Andrew Allen Smith, Another Slice of Fear, May 26

Summer Porter, Maggie Chambers, A Mouse Tail on Mackinac Island, May 27

Guest Schedule for June

Jon Stott, Summers at the Cottage, June 2

Mark Loeb, Palmer Park Art Fair, June 3

Kris Gair, The Beautiful Moment, June 3

Nikki Mitchell, Nightshade Forest, June 10

Deborah Frontiera, Superior Tapestry, June 17

Victor Volkman, U.P. Reader, June 24

Mackenzie Flohr, Rite of Wands, July I

Reserve your spot today for August

If you would like to be a guest on the show email me in the comment section and fill out the podcast guestform.

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May is mental health awareness month

Embrace freedom from all your monsters and fears

By Emma Palova

We have all gotten hurt at some points in our lives. That doesn’t mean it has to last forever. Author Robin Marvel of Hersey, MI offers coping and healing tools in all her books. And it’s never to late to start. Love and forgive yourself first, and spread that love around you. Do not be a victim, but a victorious survivor. Talk about your issues, write about them.

Listen in on For the Love of Books Podcast on and on all major podcasting apps. The show features Indie and small press authors, and their special events.

Watch for these incredible authors and special guests: Robin Marvel, Andrew Smith, Diana Duell, Jon Stott, Summer Porter with illustrator Maggie Chambers.

Thanks to major sponsors Doc Chavent, The Lowell Ledger and Modern History Press. Become a guest and or a sponsor of For the Love of Books Podcast with host Emma Palova.

PM Emma if you would like to be a guest. Now scheduling August. Thanks to all the founding authors who have made this show a success: Diana Kathryn Wolf Plopa, Jean Davis, Ingar Rudholm and Andrew Smith, along with countless others.

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Spring into the Past museum tour this weekend

Spring into the Past Museum Tour is back in West Michigan.

Fallasburg Today

The Tri-River Historical Museum Network (TRHMN) will hold its premier special event “Spring into the Past 2022” this weekend on April 30th and May 1st with more than 30 museums and historical societies participating.

Stop by at the one-room schoolhouse signature museum in Fallasburg just six miles northeast of Lowell.

This year’s theme “Celebrating Women” depicts the many roles that women have played in history over the centuries as they serve their families in the home or community and fight for equality in many different ways.

Many museums are preparing special exhibits featuring women in their local communities such as Bowne Township Historical Society which is home to TRHMN.

“It has been a long couple of years and we are all excited to get back to business as usual,” said TRHMN president Sally Johnson. “We’re hoping for a great turnout.” TRHMN received the 2021 State Award for Special Programs/Events in…

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Happy Easter 2022, Vesele Velikonoce

Czech & Slovak Easter traditions

By Emma Palova

The Czech and Slovak Easter traditions are deeply embedded in the villages of Moravia and Slovakia, and they are not as prevalent in the big cities such as Prague or Bratislava.

Most families color eggs in dyes or onion skins for the deep brown color and polish the eggs with butter and set them on the Easter table to reward the revelers, along with a bottle of plum brandy, desserts, lamb pound cake, and open-faced sandwiches.

Easter egg artists make “kraslice,” which are decorated empty eggshells after the yolks and whites have been blown out. These pieces of delicate art painted on a fragile shell are the mainstay of Easter sold at markets and gift shops, along with hand-embroidered tablecloths and ceramics.

The prevailing tradition remains the mysterious “whipping” of the women of the household on Easter Monday known as “schmigrust.” Men and boys traditionally braid their own whips from willow branches in all sizes. These whips are called “pomlazka” or “karabac” and they can be up to two meters long braided from 24 willow rods. Some use large special wooden spoons with ribbons or branches of juniper.

“Schmigrust is my favorite part of Easter,” said Ludek Pala, a Moravian native of Stipa, now a resident of Lowell, who still practices the tradition in the USA.

The revelers get up at the crack of dawn and head out into the streets in groups of all ages. Depending on the region they also carry wooden carved noisemakers carved by local wood artists.

When the door opens, the women and girls get a gentle whipping to drive away evil spirits, according to old legends. Originating in ancient pagan fertility rites, the practice is supposed to guarantee beauty and good health for women in the coming year.

They cite the following Easter chant:

Hody, hody, doprovody, dejte vejce malovany, nedateli malovany, dejte aspon bily, slepicka vam snese jiny.

Loosely translated as: Give me a colored egg, if you don’t give me a colored one, give me at least a white one, and your hen will lay another.

The plum brandy aka slivovice reward

The plum brandy is made in the stills in Moravia and across the country. People usually bring in their own plum or pear ferment that is distilled.

We decided to bring this tradition to the USA where we live permanently. The fruit is locally sourced from Paulson’s, Hills Brothers, and Mason peaches and apples, with no additives the brandy reflects an age-old tradition of craft stilling started by our forefathers.

Moravian Sons Distillery

In return for the whipping, the revelers get a ribbon tied to the whip, a colored egg, a shot of plum brandy and they help themselves to open-faced sandwiches and desserts, such as festive kolache and lamb pound cake.

“By noon you’re tired,” said Pala.

In some regions, if the group arrives after 12 p.m., they get doused with water. However, in Slovakia, the Easter custom is to douse the women and girls with water or perfume in the morning.

According to a 2019 survey, 60% of Czech households follow the tradition of spanking (or watering) someone on Easter Monday.

In the past, young boys would chase young girls in the village streets with the whips, and vintage illustrations by Josef Lada of people in traditional folk costumes show girls running or hiding as if playing tag.

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April 8

According to the Czech calendar, today is my name day. I named our daughter Emma, and coincidentally she was born on April 8. During my podcasts, I found out that Emma is also a popular name for female protagonists.

More on name days coming soon.

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Fallasburg @Lowell Community Expo

Explore the historic village of Fallasburg at the Lowell Community Expo this Saturday, March 26 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Fallasburg Today

Explore the 1850s Fallasburg pioneer village

Visit booth no. 49 in the Gymnazium of the Lowell High School on Saturday, March 26 2022 during the Lowell Community Expo.

“Our visitors to the Expo should stop by our booth to hear of the progress we have made over the last several years,” said Alan Rumbaugh, treasurer for the Fallasburg Historical Society ( FHS).

The FHS has been working on digitizing files and artifacts so anyone can access them in the future.

“We have a major event planned for July 30 and would like to tell everyone about it,” Rumbaugh said.

The 150th anniversary of the Covered Bridge commemorative coins and cookbooks will be available for purchase at the Expo on Saturday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Stay tuned for more news in a special spring newsletter coming to your inboxes.

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Books podcast one year anniversary

I’ve just found out from Facebook memories that it’s been one year since the first episode of For the Love of Books Podcast aired on major podcasting apps.

I was honored to have Diana Plopa of Pages Promotions as my first guest author, and a big-time supporter. And the support continued with founding authors Jean Davis, Luba Lesychyn, Ingar Rudholm, Andrew Smith, Joan Young, and countless others.

Our daughter Doc Chavent sponsored the show from the get-go, most recently joined by Modern History Press which supports its fine authors. So new horizons are opening for all of us as spring is in the air after the long winter.

I am pleased to welcome author guests from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula Mikel Classen, Phil Bellfy, Robin Marvel, Chris Stark, Deborah Frontiera and Sharon Kennedy, because who doesn’t love U.P. its magic and mysteries. Also in the line-up are Mike Carrier, Elizabeth Fust and Victor Volkman, president of L H Press Inc.

This will be an exciting time as we navigate upcoming big events like the Lakeshore Art Festival (LAF) in Muskegon and different Art in the Park events around the state of Michigan, as well as Expos.

In the special episodes, we offer tips like how to win and survive the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo.) Prior to major events, I chat with the show organizers.

Stop by at any of the events to pick up your next favorite read and chat with us. We care about our fans.

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Author Mikel Classen on For the Love of Books Podcast

Mikel B. Classen has been writing and photographing northern Michigan in newspapers and magazines for over thirty-five years, creating feature articles about the life and culture of Michigan’s north country. A journalist, historian, photographer, and author with a fascination of the world around him, he enjoys researching and writing about lost stories from the past.

Currently, he is the managing editor of the U.P. Reader and is a member of the Board of Directors for the Upper Peninsula Publishers and Authors Association. In 2020, Mikel won the Historical Society of Michigan’s, George Follo Award for Upper Peninsula History. Classen makes his home in the oldest city in Michigan, historic Sault Ste. Marie. He is also a collector of out-of-print history books and historical photographs and prints of Upper Michigan. At Northern Michigan University, he studied English, history, journalism, and photography.

His book, Au Sable Point Lighthouse, Beacon on Lake Superior’s Shipwreck Coast; was published in 2014 and his book, Teddy Roosevelt and the Marquette Libel Trial; was published in 2015. Both by the History Press. He has a book of fiction called Lake Superior Tales published by Modern History Press, which won the 2020 U.P. Notable Book Award. His newest release is Points North a non-fiction travel book published in 2019 by Modern History Press. Points North has received the Historical Society of Michigan’s, “Outstanding Michigan History Publication,” along with the 2021 U.P. Notable Book Award.

True Tales

True Tales

True Tales – The Forgotten History of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Stories of piracy, lost gold mines, the origin of the Copper Boom, profiles of people of note, Starvation on Isle Royale, and one of the darkest periods of Michigan history, all True Tales of the early days of the Upper Peninsula Frontier. Penned by U.P. historian, Mikel B. Classen, years of research are culminated in a book that reveals history on the verge of being lost to time. The book collects stories from across the northern peninsula making this an essential book for any Michigan history enthusiast.

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