Favorite photo 2013

New Year’s Eve photo attracts most attention

By Emma Palova

EW Emmas Writings Journal

The most liked photo from all of my posts combined on WordPress, Google+, Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram in 2013 was the one I took of St. Patrick’s Church in Parnell, Michigan on a stormy New Year’s Eve. We were coming back from a dinner down Gavin Lake Road and I noticed the laser-like quality of the flood lights on the steeple of the church that is celebrating its 170th anniversary this year.

“We have to turn around, I got to get this photo,” I said to my husband.

The church stands like a lonely sentinel amid farms and fields in the northern east part of Kent County. It is a landmark for both the parishioners and travelers who pass by.

St. Patrick's Church in Parnell, MI
St. Patrick’s Church in Parnell, MI

It was built in 1844 by Irish pioneers braving the new lands, according to Saint Patrick’s Parish history book published in 1996. I’ve written many times about this church, its preservation efforts and movement ahead with times.
Happy and successful 2014.

Copyright (c) 2013 story and photo by Emma Palova


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