Czech Superbowl & Olympiad special

Czechs go wild over games & events

This is what true Czechs& CzechAmericans would treat themselves to while watching the Superbowl and the Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia, or any other event for that matter.

The game spread would definitely include several six packs of Czechvar, the export trademark of the real Budweiser (watch for an upcoming story about the stolen trademark from its origins in Czech Budejovice), plum brandy known as slivovice, sweet & sour pickles, salami and kielbasa and a loaf of good sourdough bread.

Pictured in the photo is a Stein depicting the capital Prague, a flask of plum brandy, home-made pickles canned on our country ranch, wishing it was Hungarian salami and locally purchased at Ric’s six-pack of Czechvar crisp as horse radish.

Watch for my post Czechs & Sports in honor of the Olympic Games in Sochi

Copyright (c) 2014  story and photo by Emma Palova

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