Crazy winter 2014

Crazy winter weather ushers in cabin fever

The winter of 2014 that seems to continue with endless snowflakes, rain and hail has buried our house and garden below mounds of snow.

View from my writing studio on Feb.21
View from my writing studio on Feb.21

The  white stuff is everywhere. Even the dog is scared to go outside. Yesterday, the gutters broke, and water was getting into our house. The roads have turned into corridors with snow barriers. I used to complain about winters in Canada, but this is worse because of its viciousness and duration. The wind just blows through the bones hard leaving little needles inside.

I am not much of a winter person anyways. I am constantly cold. We can’t even heat the second floor of the house.

“Put on more clothes,” my family tells me.

Ella enjoyed the spectacle of first snow on Nov.24
Ella enjoyed the spectacle of first snow on Nov.24

I laugh,”It’s like taking off more clothes in a 40-degree heat when you already have on just a swimming suit.

I almost never wear slippers or socks in the house, now I am forced to wear both. And I am still cold.

Some people say winter is good for arts projects, for writing or blogging. I say winter is only good for gluttons for punishment.

On the photo, Ella was enjoying the first snow back in November. If she had only known that it was going to be “eternal” like the “eternal ice” in Chamonix.

The featured picture of Nerja on the Mediterranean Sea is where I really want to be.

Thus my question for Dr. Em after her awesome take on insomnia on the Ask page:

How do you fight off cabin fever or as the Czechs say, submarine disease?

Copyright (c) 2014 story and photos by Emma Palova

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