Memorial Day 2015

Memorial Day brings in tears & rain

By Emma Palova

EW Emma’s Writings

Lowell, MI – Under the gloomy skies Monday, the people of Lowell honored the 629 veterans who found their final resting place at the Oakwood Cemetery.

Groomed to the nines by Don DeYong and the crew, the lovely cemetery whispered its own stories of 151 Civil War veterans. The Boy Scouts marked each veteran’s grave with a star and a flag.

Emotional Dave Thompson was the featured speaker for the ceremony located by a monument to the unknown soldier.

Memorial Day 2015
Memorial Day 2015

“I like to think the rain are tears,” he said. “This is the first time in many years it is like this.”

Oakwood Cemetery
Oakwood Cemetery

Thompson introduced the beautiful strings band of Wendy Tinney. As the violins played their sad tunes and rain sprinkled, many people were wiping off tears from their faces.

The strings band.
The strings band.

The only two remaining veterans from WW II laid flowers to the monument, much like representatives from the local organizations.

The flags were flying half staff in the wind that was blowing from the south.

“We have 29 new veterans here at the cemetery,” said tearful Thompson.

Mayor Jim Hodges also laid flowers to the monument.

Memorial Day 2015
Memorial Day 2015

Even though it started to rain heavily, people stood there in the rain under the umbrellas listening to Thompson hauntingly name the deceased veterans followed by a bell ring for each.

We thank you all veterans for our freedoms and your sacrifices.

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