Czech calendar names for boys

Czech calendar names for boys

By Emma Palova

EW Emma’s Writings

Lowell, MI- I’ve been writing about the Czech female names in the family like Anna, Mary, Martha & Eliska.

Today, I am going to write about the male names in the family. First of all the big ones of course, Joseph. I wouldn’t be able to count how many Josephs we have had in the family. The name day falls on March 19, and it has a flavor of a national holiday.

According to astrologists, the name is a traditional one full of courage, showmanship and personality.

“I want to show the world who I am and that I am here,” say Josephs.

Czech calendar names for boys
Czech calendar names for boys

Every Joe likes his beer and gossip in restaurant more than talk in a confession booth. Josephs have bigger personalities than this world, and they are good partners for the right zodiac sign.

Very true, my grandpa Joseph used to like to show off at any and every occasion. I always thought he should have been an actor.

Other old classic is Franta or Frank. We had a lot of those too in the family. It too is a traditional old Czech name that has never grown old. It carries eternal karma with it. We call our men named Frank with love. However, the planet Mercury causes problems, behavioral and health, even though Franks are adaptable to bad luck and destiny.

Later in life they harden inside and grow increasingly sad.

“This name does not bring much good in family life,” according to and Healing Stars. “The old age comes with crankiness.”

Forty is especially bad for Franks. The astrologist does not recommend this name because of its inner anxiety. The only things that can set Franks free are altruism and love for the nature. It is only recommended in Pisces. The name day for Franks is on Oct. 4.

I do have to attest that all the above facts are true. I had an uncle Frank, and he was a one unhappy soul. He was a train conductor, and later he got divorced.

My other uncle and paternal grandpa had the honest Czech name Anthony. They are good family men with ordinary life without any big ups and downs. It’s appropriate for all zodiac signs, according to

The name day for Anthony is on July 13.

Another name from this great classy suite is Vaclav. Both my dad and my brother have this great royal name.

Vaclav is intelligent, loves to learn, he loves his family. However, there is some karmic burden in the traditional Czech name that is not too optimistic for normal life. This karma disappears in work for others and in sacrifice.

If Vaclav is a materialist and selfish, this karma works against him causing him to be unhappy with himself. The name day for Vaclav is on Sept. 28.

I do want to mention my cousin’s name Bronislav. The name literally puts brakes on any luck in life. Around 40 it worsens even if there is a good combination with the last name and the date of birth.

“This person gets only minimum luck through parents or partner,” says the astrologist. “The Damocles sword is constantly above his head. I do not recommend this name.”

The name day for Bronislav is on Sept. 3.

More on modern names next time. These will include Jakub, Ludek, Pavel, George and Olin.


Healing Stars

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