30 Day Blogging Challenge #18

Moving forward

By Emma Palova

Okay, I am over the shootings and the violence. I cannot change anything. By looking at it, I am a part of it. I’ve become a part of the problem, because I am not willing to do anything about it. I’ve become a part of a violent society.

My Alma Mater taught me better. Do something about it.

I led a heated debate at the Parnell General Store about, “What is the purpose of the gun?”

315 posts
315 posts

We didn’t come to any conclusion. Just like the situation in the Middle East, it has no resolution.

We even had a Rumanian born American Sniper there who said weapons are necessary to kill. He killed his first person when he was 10 years old.

The owner of the store brought out an unloaded shotgun Erica.

You have to respect the weapon.

On the other hand I have a respect to the pen.

I’ve always had that. And I use it on daily basis to give hope to others.


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