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Evolve Solutions principal Douglas Kelly offers voice acting for audiobooks, comedy improv

Douglas Kelly of Lowell has been a partner at Evolve Solutions since 2002 when the company was founded. Evolve Solutions is an experienced web design and development firm, specializing in website design, marketing strategy, eCommerce application installation, and Internet business development.

Currently the principal at Evolve Solutions, he directs web development and consults on everything from social marketing to user interface design. Evolve Solutions has created and collaborated on hundreds of internet and intranet projects for small firms to multi-billion dollar corporations.

Kelly also offers voice acting for audiobooks, as well as tips on marketing strategy for authors.

“I would recommend Clubhouse to authors to talk about their books,” Kelly said.

Kelly has acted in a series of old-time radio dramas bound for YouTube. He has recently been featured in a documentary slated for streaming media. Douglas has done a series of comedy improv events hosted on a social media application called Clubhouse.

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Author Larry Maley pens Immersion, The Chronicles of the Manaar

In his debut fantasy book Immersion, author Larry Maley creates a world of magic with six protagonists who face death manaars embodied by three witches. Maley follows the basic premise that “Life itself is magic that happens every day, everywhere.”

“I wanted to explore why is there a return of death magic,” Maley said. “It’s an epic adventure. The six characters are the focus, why did they get the magic.”

Maley’s Immersion is dedicated to his autistic daughter Samantha.

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Shining new U.P. Reader Volume 7 released

Just in time for the unofficial opening of summer, U.P. Reader hit the stands with its shining new volume 7 graced by the beautiful cover of a mining shaft at Painesdale on the Keweenaw constructed in 1902.

The hefty annual publication takes you on a road trip across Michigan’s Upper Peninsula from the Mackinac Bridge to Menominee with nonfiction and fiction pieces by UP authors who embody the life of a Yooper.

“Yoopers are born, not made,” said publisher Victor Volkman. “That’s why I can never be a Yooper.”

The 60 short works in the issue span the entire Upper Peninsula and include imaginative fiction from young winners of the Dandelion Cottage contest.

The cover is by author Mikel Classen.

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Author Hilton Everett Moore pens North of Nelson short stories collection

In his North of Nelson anthology of short stories, author Hilton Everett Moore skillfully captures the heart of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula with its unique characters.

“The very area is a character,” he said. “The land expresses itself. It makes my stories work.”


Moore lives in a cabin in a remote area of Baraga County and transforms the ruggedness of the U.P. in his magnificent six short stories which have a common thread.

“Each short story has a moment in time,” he said.

The protagonists, the Martins, are featured in each story as they accompany each individual character.

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Author Wendy Thomson pens The Man from Burnt Island

In her historical fiction novel The Man from Burnt Island, author Wendy Thomson weaves the family story into the tapestry of Detroit’s rich history during the Great Depression, Prohibition, World War II, and the booming automotive industry starting in the 1950s and beyond.


It was a tough life for the Scottish Sharp family at the turn of the twentieth century. Coal miners, they were exempt from the World War I draft. Frank, the fourth of five sons, was the only one that went off to war. Luckily, he survived the trenches, only to return to poor job prospects and poorer wages. When most of the family sailed across the Atlantic in search of a better life, Frank stayed behind for a while… for a little too long, it so happened.

What Frank sacrifices to achieve material and career success takes its toll on his family and personal life. After all is said and done, this is the saga of a determined and ambitious man who was hell-bent on leaving his poverty-stricken past behind.

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AuthorJen Rinaldi pens One Day Closer to Death

In her debut book, author Jen Rinaldi tells the story of a cancer survivor Alex, who almost dies on the operating table. While she lingers between heaven and earth, she hears a voice that beckons her to stay, only to lose that voice when she is brought back, feeling as though she is missing more than her breast.



After Alex recovers, she takes a vacation while delivering the artwork for her boss. It is then that she hears a mysterious voice connected to the SUV that she has rented. Alex and ‘Bec’ as the voice asks her to call him, set out on a cross-country adventure that involves a jewel heist and an evil stalker who will attempt to kill Alex for the artwork she carries. Will Bec save Alex from the evil that is pursuing her?

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Author Mandy Jo Rindhage pens A StormyTravel Thru Time

Drawing on her knowledge of family ancestry combined with historical fiction, author Mandy Jo Rindhage creates a time travel novel inspired by real-life characters, great grandfather Heinrich and great uncle Gustav.

“A Stormy Travel Thru Time has multiple time hops each is when a storm crops up,” Mandy Jo said. “They’re trying to get to Saginaw, Michigan.”

Rindhage is a multi-genre author who has no trouble switching gears between a fitness book, fantasy, and historical fiction.

The real challenge in the book was aging all the characters appropriately, according to Rindhage when they crossed paths on different occasions.

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Pearls of My Mind journeys into self-discovery

In Pearls of My Mind, author Preethi Saravanakumar, a software developer and an award-winning poet, takes you on a journey into self-discovery using the symbolism of pearls.


Are you a Spiritual Newbie? Are you a Seeker? Or are you a Sage today? Let’s find out as we go on a self-reflective journey of pearl harvesting. Pearls Of My Mind is a book that houses my rainbow thoughts. As each of the seven colored pearls brings simple wisdom, dazzling jewelry is cautiously strung. 

This book deals with the connection between colors and emotions and their relationship to the Chakras. Pearls are rightly synonymous with purity, clarity, and longevity. They are wisdom in the true sense! Oh, Rainbow Pearls! Thy vivid prismatic hues, Thy pure poised wisdom, Thy bold mighty endurance, I majestically manifest thy cues! I majestically manifest thy cues!

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Author Lori Hudson pens Ghost on Beale Street

Ghost on Beale Street is Lori Hudson’s fifth book in the Beale Street mystery series inspired by a small town in Illinois where Hudson’s grandfather was the mayor.

A little boy has gone missing, and the town of Burtonville is on high alert. Then Marianne Reed and her friend, Ashley, notice strange lights and something moving around in the old Abbott house. Is it possible a ghost has taken up residence? 

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ReQueered Tales preserves literary heritage of LGBTQ fiction

The interview with publisher author Matt Lubbers-Moore of ReQueered Tales and host author Emma Palova marks the 100th episode anniversary of For the Love of Books Podcast show. I am grateful to the entire literary community for making the show a success and to the sponsors Doc Chavent and The Lowell Ledger.

ReQueered Tales is striving to preserve the literary heritage of the LGBTQ community by publishing out-of-print titles or publishing new works of older series.

According to Lubbers-Moore, the project started out as a joke with his business partners.

“Books from the 1990s, 80s, and 70s were hard to find and expensive,” said Lubbers-Moore. “Are we actually going to do this?”

And they started with a core of five gay mystery authors in 2018 as they grew to cover all the genres of LGBTQ fiction.

“Now we’re competing with the big boys,” Lubbers-Moore laughed as he referred to the big publishing houses. “Other publishers are doing this now.”

Listen in for a chance to win a signed copy of Murder and Mayhem bibliography. Be a part of the excitement and magic.

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