30 Day Blogging Challenge #21

Excellence, participate in life

Dec. 7, 2015 Monday

By Emma Palova

I’ve been excellent and I’ve been bad. Most of us have. I’ve been able to produce the best of work, and the worst of work. Just like in the Charles Dickens’ book. It was the best of times and it was the worst of times. They have a tendency to feed into each other. The good and the bad. I know, now I sound like Clint Eastwood.

Thai wind 1 by Kacey Cornwell, Art Prize entry
Thai wind 1 by Kacey Cornwell, Art Prize entry

I can be creative, and on other days not so creative.

What carries me through this challenge is that I need to help others. I do not live for myself. I think we each have a bigger purpose why we live.

I strive for excellence, but sometimes it’s not within reach. I am a human being, therefore I am vulnerable. I have my strengths and my weaknesses.

Totally desperate when my husband Ludek had to leave Michigan for Wisconsin in 2009, I wrote a screenplay “Riddleyville Clowns” © 2009 about the assassination on presidential candidates. Yesterday, I heard from an independent production film company. I’ve been to the Cannes Film Festival in France twice and I saw demonstrations there along with Johnny Depp and Antonio Banderas. That’s again the good and the bad.

What satisfies me, is that I have done all these different things. I have participated in life. The educational system in former Czechoslovakia taught me to participate, it also taught me to be a leader and to help others.

Anything can be hard if you make it hard. Anything can also be easy, as easy as you make it.


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