Do acts of kindness!

I just posted a response to this on my EW Emma’s Writings:
“Be kind, love like a kid.”


Friday of the Third week

Of Ordinary Time

Hebrews 10: 32-39

Mark 4:26- 34

What does it mean to do an act of kindness? Give me examples. 

Have you ever done an act of kindness? What have you done that was an act of kindness? 

Raise your hand if you did an act of kindness? 

In our Gospel, we hear a parable of a mustard seed.If you have ever seen a mustard seed, it is one of the smallest seeds. It is very hard to look at a mustard seed and know that it will grow into a large bush, measuring ten feet tall. Who would ever imagine that this very little seed would grow into a tall bush that is perfect for birds to nest and to come to rest? 

We need to do as many acts of kindness as we can because we…

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