Be Grateful For All The Good In Your Life Today

Today I am grateful for everything in my life.
That includes my new book Shifting Sands Short Stories with the July sun shining on it, for our French granddaughter Ella who is attending Saint Pat’s school in Parnell, for this morning’s mass at Saint Pat’s with a sense of urgency and for the Picnic Pops concert tonight in Cannonsburg with the band Chicago performing.

I am grateful for my parents Ella and Vaclav Konecny  who attended my first book signing on July 16 at the Fallasburg one-room schoolhouse museum.

A friend said how appropriate the 1872 schoolhouse setting was for a family of educators. Yes, it dawned on me later how many years my dad had dedicated to the education of others and his own.

He learned two new languages Spanish and French at an advanced age due to his persistence and determination.

He will be celebrating his 83rd birthday this weekend.

Happy birthday, dad. You have been the inspiration of my life.

Your infinite persistence is uprising.
Summer 2017 is the best summer in my life.
Thank you for following me on the Storyteller2017 route from writer journalist to author.

You make me who I am.
Love always,

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Becky Due

Today’s Challenge: Be grateful for all the good in your life today.

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