Inside Lowell Expo

Things are good in Lowell

By Emma Palova

EW Emma’s Writings

Lowell, MI – Since the winter doesn’t want to go away under the deceiving spring sun, people from far and near flocked to the 22nd annual Lowell Expo today.

The theme “Expo Olympics” was fitting since the temperature this morning was 30 degrees Fahrenheit. But, that’s exactly what the Lowell Chamber of Commerce Liz Baker always hopes for this major chamber event.

“It’s the only event I wish for bad weather,” she laughed.

It was the place to be whether you wanted to network, show off what you got, gossip or just plain have fun.

The Lowell High School was packed to the rafters with vendors, community organizations and visitors.

At each booth or in the hallways, you were sure to bump into someone you knew.

A bluegrass musician, your local weatherman or your dentist; they were all right there.

From your city council member, Vergennes zoning administrator to the radio station.

And of course, the Lowell High School Band was playing on the center stage.

The kids gathered at the Oak Meadow Tree Service Inc. booth. And I recognized harnessed to the rope, local photographer Bruce Doll struggling to get down.

‘Bruce, you gotta stick to your programs and photography,” I thought to myself.

Local businessman and city councilman Greg Canfield was standing by the Lowell Area Trailways display.

“What are you doing here?” I asked. “How’s your hotel doing?”

“I am here for the city, the trailways,” he answered.

As I turned around to leave, Canfield said:

“Things are good in Lowell,” he quickly added.

The Fallasburg Historical Society booth no. 129 was the real reason why I came to the Expo. I wanted to deliver the sign-up sheet for the FHS E-newsletter.

There was changing of the guard at the FHS booth. And the new guardians of history were all in black to commemorate the recent passing of late Mr. Edwin Roth lovingly called Ed. At 98, Ed was the oldest member of the FHS, and one of the founding members.

Last year, he still manned the FHS booth accompanied by daughter Jeanne Roth Vandersloot. Just like he had for many decades.

“Mr. Edwin Roth with his passion for history remains an inspiration for all of us,” FHS spokesperson said.

“Isn’t that amazing that there are still newspapers,” said FHS president Ken Tamke.

Tamke found a clipping of Ed staking the Fallasburg historic district register marker in 1999.

He proudly showed off the best kept secret of the FHS; and that is the scrapbook with newspaper clippings going back to 1926.

I encouraged the lady standing next to me to sign up for our E-newsletter.

“I ve already signed up,” said Judy Miller smiling, as she examined the arrowhead artifacts.

Yes, the FHS encourages the preservation of history, both in print and digital.

Because today’s news are tomorrow’s history.

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