Creative streak

Several things are happening in my creative life.

I am getting ready to shoot the missing scene for the “Guardians of History ” at Fallasburg video with Tina Siciliano Cadwallader.

So, far the “Guardians ” @Fallasburg are looking good.

I am working on a brand new assignment for the Buyer’s Guide about the important topic of immigration.

I am no stranger to this highly political issue. On the contrary, our family has been dealing with it since 1968. According to Time magazine, it was a year that changed a generation.

The second immigration story is about successful local entrepreneurs of Arctic Heating & Cooling from the Netherlands, Kitty and Evert Bek.

“We are lucky, we have a successful business, we made a lot of friends and we fit in,” said Kitty. ‘It was our dream to come to America. ”

Watch for both stories in next week’s Independence Day edition of Buyer’s Guide and on my blogs.

Also next week, I will be featured in the print edition of the Grand Rapids Magazine as a local author.

“That was my dream to become an author, “Emma said. “I would not have been able to do that in Czech Republic.”

I will have a summer book signing of Shifting Short Stories @LowellArts. TBA

Always follow your heart and your dreams.

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