Day 27: The new normal in theCOVID-19 quarantine

By Emma Palova

“There was never a night or a problem that could defeat sunrise or hope.” – Bernard Willams

Lowell, MI- It would almost be a normal Sunday. I watched the orange ball rise behind the dark tree line from the sunroom. As soon as I made our Sunday egg casserole, the sun had already conquered the sky and lit up the sunroom completely.

To my delight, I discovered the first seedling that had sprouted in one of the plastic mini greenhouses. This will be a future red beet.

But instead of hurrying to wake up Ludek so we can get dressed for church, I meditated with Deepak & Oprah “Day 3 -Hope in Uncertain Times.” He can sleep in a little, since it will be another televised mass due to the shutdown and social distancing. The drive and the dress up time cut off at least 20 minutes of prep time.

The other clue that it’s not a normal Sunday is my walk to the Franciscan Sisters right after the mass. Usually, we would go grocery shopping after the mass and then have a chicken noodle soup.

This was my third walk to the Franciscan Sisters during the quarantine. It’s been really nasty and cold in Michigan to do anything outside. The new normal is also Ludek calling our son Jake rather than going for a Sunday afternoon visit, which is impossible in the quarantine.

Also, I met with my friend on the shore of Murray Lake rather than in a coffee shop, because they are all closed.

To be continued…

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