Author Mark Love pens The Wayward Path

This is the third book in the Jefferson Chene mystery series, in which author Mark Love follows the case of the retired mobster Leo Agonasti based on popular demand. Love lived for many years in the metro Detroit area, where crime and corruption are always prevalent. Working as a freelance reporter, Love came across interesting situations and discrepancies between police agencies.

Victim Charity Gray was an intelligent, inquisitive teen who disappeared fifteen years earlier. When her body is discovered, it should be a typical cold case. Before the Detroit police can get started, the FBI commandeers the investigation, with a prime suspect in mind: retired mobster Agonasti.
When Agonasti slips through their grasp, he reaches out to Sergeant Jefferson Chene. Their unusual friendship draws Chene into the thick of the case. Burdened with two reluctant FBI agents, Chene is working against the clock and the feds to find the real killer.
Listen in for a chance to win a signed copy of The Wayward Path.

Sponsored by Doc Chavent and The Lowell Ledger


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