NaNoWriMo Day 12

Breaking Point

We’re chilling in West Michigan all the way down to 38F with snow in the forecast. That meant no break between the two writing sessions outside on the trail. I switched to the treadmill by the stairway.

We’re halfway there on the NaNoWriMo roller coaster 50k word challenge and rocking it. I climbed over the hump yesterday with the help of the protagonists looking for the Lost Town of Singapore.

Instead of Singapore, they found a strange city on the Dream Waterway connecting two lakes.

The upcoming special episode of For the Love of Books Podcast will feature authors Emma Palova, Jean Davis, and Vera West sharing their experience from this year’s National Novel Writing Month 50k word challenge.

Don’t miss out, because you can still win the challenge if you jump on the ride now.

Listen in on

“Start where you’re at, find what you love and go from there.

Joanna Walitalo, UP author of Woodburnings

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