Great Pumpkin Run 5K at Klackle

Fall in Michigan
By Sarah Harmon
EW writer Sarah Harmon in Paris
EW writer Sarah Harmon in Paris
 Greenviell, MI-Nothing says October in West Michigan like a trip to Klackle Orchard in Greenville. On Sunday October 19th several hundred runners trekked to Klackle from all over the area for the Great Pumpkin Run 5K. In a celebration of  fall, the course included dirt trails through the woods and pumpkin patches, surrounded by stunning fall foliage. The trail also led through the corn maze, which was well marked to prevent confusion. The truly adventurous took the Tough Pumpkin option and chose to carry a pumpkin weighing up to 10 pounds through the entire course.
The great Klackle Pumpkin 5K run
The great Klackle Pumpkin 5K run
The first runners finished within approximately thirty minutes while others continued to cross the finish line until a little over an hour had elapsed. Since Halloween was just around the corner, in addition to dozens of participants wearing official Great Pumpkin Run t-shirts, it was typical to see people taking on the course with bright orange tutus and knee high Halloween themed socks over their more traditional running gear. Other participants were dressed as Batman, Superman and Superwoman, Iron Man, and Captain America. After the 5K was completed, a costume contest was held for anyone brave enough to dress up. The Carpenters may have come in close to last for speed, but they were the clear winners for creativity. The group were dressed as characters from the video game Mario Kart, complete with cardboard boxes transformed into tiny cars for each of them to wear.
The pumpkin man
The pumpkin man
Following all the Great Pumpkin Run festivities, participants and spectators were welcome to stay for some fabulous family fun on the farm. There was a petting zoo featuring cows, goats, pigs, and ducks for animal lovers. One of the favorite activities for all ages this time of year is riding out to the pumpkin patch to find future jack-o-lanterns. Klackle Orchards makes that trip across the fields even more fun in a train of “enchanted pumpkins” pulled by tractors. After picking your own 1/4 peck of apples, it’s time to play in the Old West Town. Kids can throw their parents in the Klackle Jail then climb into an old stagecoach to imagine days gone by. No visit here is complete without a stop in the Cornucopia store. There, you can get hot and cold fresh cider, delightful donuts, gourmet caramel apples, fudge, and more. There are plenty of Michigan themed treats there including maple syrup and even soup mixes. Whether you ran or just watched, you couldn’t help having a great time at Klackle Orchards during the Great Pumpkin Run.
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