Whites Bridge set to rebuild

Whites Bridge will again  grace the Flat River

LOWELL, MI – April 17, 2015.   The Whites Bridge Historical Society raised nearly $5,000.00 with their “Michigan Experience” raffle and Grand Prize of a Mackinac Bridge Tower tour.  The drawings were held April 16th at the Grand Volute Ballrooms.

Whites Bridge near Smyrna in 2013 will be rebuild.
Whites Bridge near Smyrna in 2013 will be rebuild.

The Society is also pleased to announce that through very generous donations from the Belding Hardware, Korth Foundation, Marie Crowley Foundation, King Milling, Grand Volute Ballrooms, Meijer Foundation, Eco Demolition and many others, it now has sufficient funds to rebuild Whites Bridge.  Late last year MDOT approved a $275,000 matching grant  for restoration of the bridge.  The Society will continue to raise funds for the maintenance of the bridge and for future projects.

The Society will now concentrate on getting the design complete and plans prepared so the project can be put out for bid this fall and hopefully construction in spring of 2016.


Website:          www.WhitesBridgeHistoricalSociety.org

Facebook:        www.facebook.com/RebuildWhitesBridge

Email:              WhitesBridgeHistoricalSociety@gmail.com


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