Love for Riverwalk

Enjoying Riverwalk
By Sarah Harmon
EW writer Sarah Harmon in Paris
EW writer Sarah Harmon in Paris
Ever since I was a child, the thing I’ve looked forward to in the summer has not been the beach, an amusement park, nor even finally getting out of school for the year. What I love the most is getting to go to the Riverwalk Festival in downtown Lowell.
Strolling along past the booths of crafters and small businesses, you greet friends, new and old, along the banks of the Flat River. Thursday and Friday night feature free live concerts in front of the Showboat, with children dancing to the beat as their parents sip a glass of wine in their lawn chairs. Different local bands are featured each summer so that there’s always a good chance of hearing something you’ll love, whether you’re a bit country or a bit rock and roll. This Riverwalk’s lineup includes Kris Hitchcock and Small Town Son singing Country Rock on Thursday at 7pm and The Bronk Bros with some Country Rockin’ Hillbilly & Honky-Tonk on Friday night.
In case you get hungry during Thursday’s concert, Addorio Technologies is sponsoring a pig roast. If pork isn’t your thing, the Flat River Grill has outdoor seating so you won’t miss a moment of the music. While you’re there, don’t forget to pick up your duck tickets! The raffle is held on Saturday with over $1500 in prizes.
Riverwalk banner in downtown Lowell
Riverwalk banner in downtown Lowell
Being quite the bibliophile, my favorite part is the Friends of the Library used book sale. The Friends set up tables loaded down with books of every shape, size, and genre. With the high price of entertainment nowadays, who can resist a like new hardcover book for $4 or less? Since they started opening to shoppers on Friday nights, there is always a line waiting for the clock to strike 6pm so they can descend upon the sale like a flock of literature hungry birds.
If you can only come one day, make it Saturday. From street performers to kayak races, downtown Lowell is the place to be! While the kids play in the Kid Zone, parents can shop or visit the classic car cruise-in on Avery Street. Don’t forget a non-perishable donation for the FROM “Food Fight” parade at noon! If you’ve got a talent, we’d love to see it at the Open Mic event 1-4pm.
At the end of a fabulous weekend of summer fun, it’s time to head to Stoney Lakeside Park on Bowes Road for the annual fireworks. Even if you’ve never been to Lowell before, by the end of a day at the Riverwalk Festival, you’ll feel right at home.
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Copyright (c) 2014 story by Sarah Harmon, photo by Emma Palova

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