Happy Easter 

Happy Easter to all. Easter Sunday is the biggest holiday in the Catholic year following weeks of preparation and transformation in Lent.

Saint Pat’s Church in Parnell

Czech Republic also celebrates Easter Monday with the age old tradition of “schmigrust” or whipping of girls and women with willow branches in exchange for eggs and ribbons.
In Slovak Republic girls are doused with water or colognes.

With joy in our hearts we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. 
However in many cultures around the world it is also the celebration of spring and new life.

We rejoice with nature awakening from long winter sleep. 

Watch for Earth day observation on Saturday,  April 22.

Don’t forget to plant something. 

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Good Friday

The Good Friday commemoration of the Christ’s passion took place at  3 p.m. today at Saint Pat’s Church in Parnell. One billion catholics around the world sat in silence to observe Christ’s death.

“We wait in silence,” said Father Mark Peacock.

During this liturgy, the narrator, the priest and the crowd read the scriptures according to John in a powerful ceremony.

I find the Passion script, that was also read on Palm Sunday, fascinating. I am not surprised it has been worked into a movie.

Photos are coming.

In conclusion, the faithful venerated the Cross. Saturday is the vigil of Easter that takes place in the chapel.

The Triduum invites all to enter without reserve into the mystery and death unto resurrection in Christ Jesus.

Easter Sunday is the culmination of all these liturgies.

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Easter Triduum

The Paschal Triduum  started tonight with the Mass of the Lord’s Supper, and it runs through Easter Sunday on April 16.

This week is also known as the Holy Week in the catholic calendar.

The mass at Saint Pat’s included a candle vigil and procession to chapel for repose with washing of the feet. The mass with procession lasted just under two hours.

Tomorrow is Good Friday. Watch for the readings of the Christ’s passion. The Christ’s passion written by several writers has served over the centuries as an inspiration for many literary works due to its powerful message.

Mel Gibson’s 2004 film “The Passion of the Christ” stirred some controversy, unlike the 1973 “Jesus Christ Superstar.”

Follow me for more Easter coverage through Easter Sunday including Easter traditions in Czech Republic.

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I am totally experiencing this timely retreat before a renaissance comeback.

Frank Prem

From a series of meditations for : the Pilgrim
Back to the Pilgrim – Introduction

it is not always prudent
to go forward

sometimes it’s necessary
to step to the side
or go back
in order to proceed

when you find it timely
to retreat
draw from the familiarity
of known ground

then look forward
with refreshed clarity
about yourself
and your purposes

© Frank Prem, 2005

The next piece in this meditation is: tba

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Emma’s name day

Emma’s name day is associated with romance

By Emma Palova

EW Emma’s Writings

Lowell, MI- Yes, indeed. Today is Emma’s Day, according to the Czech calendar. My mom Ella gave me the name based on a novel she read a long time ago.

The guy in the novel kept writing letters to his love, always starting with:

“Dear Emma, ”

I love you.

Czech name days

Many years later, I would receive letters and postcards from all over the world with that same greeting in Czech:

“Mila Emmo,”

“How are you?” mom always wrote.

I loved the name so much that I gave it to our daughter who is now Doc Emma. Emma permanently lives in romantic Burgundy, France. The romantic name originates in France.

Today is also Emma’s birthday. Every year, she has a double celebration. Happy birthday and name day, dear Emma.

My lifelong friend Eva of Kromeriz loved the name too, and she named her daughter Emma.

When I moved to America,  and started going to St. Pat’s Church in Parnell, I came across another Emma, who sings in the choir, and she also has a matching great last name Darling.

And until this year, Emma was the top name for girls around the world.

And how about poet Emma Lazarus, Emma Watson and Emma Stone?

“We’re losing the first place now,” singer Emma informed me earlier in the year.

Both my husband and son wished me a happy Emma’s Day, earlier in the day. I usually get early spring flowers. This year, I got a purple primrose.

In the Czech calendar, names are attributed to each date. And people celebrate their name days much like birthdays, with family and friends. They get gifts, and a cake.

Due to the recent influx of new names, some dates in the Czech calendar double or triple up on names.

Sweet gingerbread wishes

I’ve always wondered why Hallmark never really picked up on these charming name days, other than Saint Pat’s.

Name days are often based on the names of saints. For example Saint Terese Day is on Oct. 15 and Saint Mary is on Sept. 9. The wildly popular name day Catherine falls on Nov.25. Saint Martin is on Nov. 11. Saint Joseph/Saint Josephine falls on March 19.

Mom Ella’s name day falls on Oct. 5. Her real name is Eliska. She has always hated that name, so she changed Eliska to Ella. It is pretty much the same name.

Mom Ella just called me from Venice, Florida as I was writing this post. They’re getting ready with my dad Vaclav to head back up North to Michigan.

“See I gave you inspiration with that name,” she laughed.

“Thank you, mom for the lovely name.”

In many villages in Czech Republic, the Saint Days are big parish and community feasts. People bake for these feasts, butcher a pig, go dancing, and some dress up in traditional costumes. Rides come into towns.
Follow me into Easter traditions in Czech and Slovak republics.

Which traditions do you celebrate, how and why?

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Breakthrough a denial

An outlier’s breakthrough a denial

By Emma Palova

EW Emma’s Writings

Lowell, MI -I am working on a big project through May. That is transferring my short stories from more than two decades to digital platforms , because I cannot stand unfinished things. I am doing this because I also think I might drop dead, before the short stories see the light of the world.

I’ve been lying to myself that I cannot get my fiction published because I don’t have the time and I have to make money, and more lies. Then, finally my eyes and heart opened, along with other denials about breaking stereotypes and much more.

The good old “what if it is not good enough” question kept resurfacing.

“Good enough for what?” I ask.

“Of course I can get these published,” I realized. “Now, is the best time ever with everything going digital.

“The world is changing and I have to change with it.”

“But, wait a minute,” I say, “I have been changing, only in a different way beyond the known margins.”

“Hey!Isn’t that part of the definition of an “outlier?”

The “outlier” word sounds so ugly. I admit, I had to look it up.

And of course the search rendered among others, on Amazon Malcolm Gladwell’s book “Outliers: The Story of Success.”

What the heck, now I got to buy Malcolm’s book. And I finally caught myself in action. Wait a minute, Palova. Stop. That is how you constantly get sidetracked from your goals; searching for more information.

“Get back on track, woman.”

“Thank you, my inner voice.”

I just got trapped in a labyrinth of other people’s thoughts and actions, much like the heroes of my short stories in “Glass Flowers” get entangled in a web of doing other things; like marketing, promoting and enterprising.

By getting the scripts on digital platforms, I will finally break the deadly cycle of denial that I cannot get my fiction published.

Have I lived like an Emu with my head in the sand or an “outlier?”

This was written in response to the Daily Post prompts @Denial and @Outlier, as well as an inspiration to the daily Taurus horoscope.



Source: Taurus Horoscope for Today

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Don’t Give Up

I believe we accomplish anything we set our mind to. We all start out the same at birth. That is naked. What happens then? A pessimist will comment: “But some of us are born with a silver spoon.”
Yes, but what do they do with that silver spoon in their life? What if they give up at a certain point in life, when they encounter difficulties? Well, I answer they have by their side to support them, “those who never give up in face of adversity.”
Seek out those people.
Never give up on yourself or on anyone else.

Becky Due - Author

Today’s Challenge: Don’t give up.

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