Did you bring joy to others?

Cristian Mihai

“It seems to me that if you or I must choose between two courses of thought or action, we should remember our dying and try so to live that our death brings no pleasure to the world.” – John Steinbeck

Once upon a time man was weak. He’s not particularly strong; not when compared to other creatures. He’s neither the fastest among the animals, nor is he endowed with amazing senses or camouflage.

He’d be right there for the taking.

But man had a brain. Far more advanced than anything else ever seen before.

So man invented compassion.

Man invented having to take care of the weak, of the dying, of the sick, of the young and old alike…

Yes, we are not the first to employ the whole “safety in numbers” strategy, but we took it to an entirely different level.

We are stronger together.

We are here because…

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Foggy walk precedes August rain

August delights


By Emma Palova

It was a foggy morning walk on the gravel road to the Sisters as August made its grand entrance on the summer scene this week.

After days of drought, the rain was forecasted at 70 percent last night. Ella called the weatherman, a douche bag. That was very appropriate, since “douche” in French means shower.

On Tuesday, I went to the Paulson’s pumpkin patch farmer’s market north of our ranch. I bought our favorites, peaches and plums for the classical Czech summer fruit dumplings dish topped with cottage cheese.

I had to pass on the first harvest of cucumbers, since we will not have the time to can them this year. But we do have a good stock of last year’s sweet and sour pickles to get us through the winter.

Purple blue plums are also the main ingredient in plum brandy, known as “slivovice.” I call plum brandy, the Moravian gold.

It looks like an abundant harvest this year.

blog pics currant 7-20 004
Czech fruit dumplings with cottage cheese

The Paulson’s farmer’s stand overlooks the vast fields of vegetables, fruits and orchards that were wilting in the heat, along with some marigolds by the fence.

“Did you do the rain dance?” asked me the owner sitting comfortably in an orange folding chair behind the counter loaded with fresh produce.


Among the novelties at the stand were sweet jalapenos. I have yet to try them. But, I did buy yellow cauliflower and red lettuce for different color varietals.

“No, should I?” I asked.

“You should do it every morning,” he said.

Then, I remembered while watering the patio garden, I did run a stream of water on my brand new mysterious “rain chain” and on the tin sunflower, causing it to whirl.

And it finally rained, this morning after I dropped off Ella at the summer school. I went to my favorite hideout, and it poured on the lake. I watched the rain swirl and twirl on the windshield.

But, before that, being totally stripped of any energy, I ate the entire Chocolove xoxox Almonds & Sea Salt dark chocolate bar. It tasted like heaven, after weeks of starving myself for the book signings.

To my great delight, I discovered inside the chocolate wrap a poem by Alexander Pushkin:

Thou and You

She substituted, by a chance,

For empty ‘you’- the gentle ‘thou.’

And all my happy dreams, at once,

In loving heart again resound.

In bliss and silence do I stay,

Unable to maintain my role:

‘Oh, how sweet you are!’ I say-

‘How I love thee!’ says my soul.

It’s going to be a great August.

I am looking forward to the Czech Harvest Festival this Sunday in Bannister. Watch for post.


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Desire and Destiny

This is one of the best meditations I have ever done with anyone.

The underlying thought of today’s meditation is detachment.

“If you want something really bad, just let it go. If it comes back to you, it’s yours forever.”

Oprah & Deepak’s 21-Day Meditation Experience makes meditation easy, fun, and inspiring.

The meditations are also relaxing, inspiring and motivating towards reaching any goal in life.

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I am exhausted and ready for a vacation. Follow me on my author’s journey deeper into the Midwest as the sands shift some more into a new book.

I need some reprieve after all the commotion with the recent book Shifting Sands Short Stories that came out in July, both in kindle and paperback on Amazon.

I still have quite a way to go before the vacation next week, so at least I can write about it. It feels good to finally be able to think about some time off.

Watch for exclusive excerpts from the book, and more author events coming to the area.

What keeps me going are my morning therapeutic walks on the gravel road into the peaceful untrodden meadows, and meditations with Deepak & Oprah.

I especially love the Desire & Destiny meditation about fulfilling your purpose in life. It seems so relevant now with the new book.

Today, I did Day 12: “Inspired Me” with the centering thought, “I am inspired. I am unstoppable.”

I found out that I’ve been pushing too hard. I need to be effortless.


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Watch for Emma’s take on lust. Many of the characters in my new book Shifting Sands Short Stories are driven by lust, which underwrites their love for each other.

In the story Death Song, both Vadim and Maria have an obsession with each other that manifests itself in unusual spaces.

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Happy Marta’s Day

According to the Czech calendar, July 29 is Marta’s Day or the Feast of Saint Marta.

The Czech calendar attributes a name to each day of the year. In America, we mostly celebrate St. Pat’s Day on March 17.

Marta much like Anna & Mary are very honorable names in history.

My aunt Marta died on January 7th of this year. Since she was the last sibling of my dad Vaclav, we flew out to Czech Republic for the funeral.

The funeral was a celebration of her life as an educator for decades in the ZDS Stipa.

I come from generations of educators. My paternal grandpa was the ZDS Stipa principal.

And I write about this in the Greenwich Meridian where East meets west memoir.

Marta taught generations of kids in the Stipa region. She taught math and arts.

Marta is one of the characters in the Greenwich Meridian where East meets west memoir about the Konecny immigration saga.

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