Ella’s of Lowell

Ella’s offers brunch on Sundays

By Emma Palova
EW Emmas Writings

Nothing tastes better on a blustery cold Sunday morning than brunch at Ella’s in downtown Lowell. I’ve been a steady customer of Ella’s since it’s opening three years ago. The location is just right past the city hall and close to the Flat River Cottage.
Other than awesome coffees, my favorite being espresso, Ella’s has always had great soups and quiches.
The addition of the Sunday brunch expands Ella’s portfolio to seven days a week.
“It’s been amazing,” owner Ella St. Germain said.”We’ve had a great turnout.”
As I headed for the brunch, I ran into Rick Seese of Greenridge Realty.
“Great food,” he said.
The goal for Ella was to expand offerings, and since they cater at night, brunch made more sense than dinner.
“It’s a nice draw on Sundays,” she said. “We’re now open seven days a week.”
I ordered hash for $10 and cappuccino. The hash was made from roasted redskin potatoes with pork belly, sweet peppers, sweet onion with kale, topped with a fried egg and served with toast and jam.

Brunch selection hash with belly pork and roasted potatoes
Brunch selection hash with belly pork and roasted potatoes

I asked Ella how does she create the menu selections.
“We look at what’s available locally and we try to put in a new item each week,” she said. “We do have some repeats but it’s an ever-changing menu.”
Ella said she will look at what sells for a few months, and then she will incorporate favorite items into the menu. She has a staff of eight now, mostly full-time people.
“We want to be more like a cafe because of the food selection,” she said.
Ella specializes in sandwiches, soups, salads and quiches. The menu offers a wide variety of flavors and diets like gluten free, vegetarian, vegan and full flavor.
For example one of the favorite vegan selections is the moo-less reuben with brined beets on tempeh grilled with vegan cheese and warm apple slaw for $8 to $9. Gluten free sandwiches are made with homemade gluten free bread.
The daily menu must feature tomato basil soup.
“People are obsessed with that,” she said. “I always try to get it on the menu and quiche is also a daily creation.”
Ella has been cooking her whole life. She learnt to cook from her mother Julie Claire DeVoe of Chimera’s Designs. She was raised on a farm in Alto.
“We were in 4-H so we learned where food comes from,” Ella said. “People made fun of us, and now it’s trendy.”
And 2013 has been a phenomenal year for Ella’s due to increased awareness that the shop with great ambiance is right here in town.
Upon entering the café, one feels more like in a big city with beautiful artwork adorning the brick walls. The ambience is welcoming, friendly with plenty of sunshine coming in from the large windows.
“We get a mix of people from all over,” she said. “It’s a social interaction and a gathering place.”
Regular groups from Lowell High School come in every Tuesday. Ella’s café is also a great meeting place to do interviews for stories. I’ve interviewed many people at the shop like Betsy Davidson of Addorio Technologies and writer Amelia Rhodes, as well as many artists.
“We’re definitely open to arts,” Ella said. “It’s enriching.”
The shop has also open mike nights under the direction of husband Randall, who is a musician.
Owners Ella and Randall cater many local events, weddings, bridal and baby showers, corporate events.
“We’re happy to be here,” she said. “It’s been amazing.
Ella said she uses mainly facebook for all advertising purposes.
“We never did any other advertising, just word of mouth, that’s the best,” she said.

Ella’s has received the Best Business to Watch from the Lowell Area Chamber of Commerce.

Following are some of the selections for Sunday brunch: Quiche, gypsy toast, biscuits and gravy, hash, breakfast burritos, toad in a hole, vegan tacos, breakfast sandwich, toast and jam, parfait.
Ella’s is located at 307 E. Main in Lowell.

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