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Lowell, MI-There is no such thing as a bad location for a wedding. I’ve been to weddings as far as France and in former Czechoslovakia, which was my own, and as close as to Alto and Hastings in Michigan.

And I will be going to a true pioneer international wedding at the Saint Patrick’s Church in Parnell and later to a nearby reception at the Wabasis Lake Lodge north east of Grattan.

We’ve considered Black Star Winery in Suttons Bay in Leelanau Peninsula or Stafford’s Perry Hotel in Petoskey.

Wabasis Lake Lodge
Wabasis Lake Lodge

Sometimes the travel for that many people becomes too complex. We even thought of getting a bus. But, our international family is already flying in from France and from Czech Republic.

I can’t imagine burdening them with more travel after crossing the big pond.

Although I can see my daughter Emma Chavent loving an extra side trip to Marocco. She is almost like Marco Polo. And my parents Ella and Vaclav Konecny would love to go to Israel.

Main Street Inn, Lowell
Main Street Inn, Lowell

And then more logistics kicks in such as, where will all these people sleep? And who will feed them? We all live out in the country, and there are not too many hotels around.

The first that comes to my mind is the Main Street Inn in Lowell and the Candlestone Inn in Belding.

Also you to have to stagger the fly in, otherwise we would be like taxi drivers racing between the Gerald Ford International Airport and Lowell.

Rule number one: They can’t all come on one plane even if it’s an airbus.

Rule number two: No stowaways.

Rule number three: No agendas like trying to squeeze in on top of the wedding Uncle Vas’ birthday or an anniversary.

Rule number four: The less luggage the better, but don’t forget your shoes and underwear.

We have yet to solve the storage and closet problems as well as lodging.

Food was easier to resolve for a welcome party for approximately 20.

We wanted something typically American like a huge ham with beans, but decided for a caterer instead.

Timing is everything. Don’t come one year before the actual wedding or stay and wait for the younger sibling, who is still in kindergarten, to get married.

I have yet to come across more wedding travel tips as we approach the wedding day on October 25.

Copyright (c) 2014 story and photos by Emma Palova

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