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World wide demonstrations against Monsanto

A big chapter in my book “Greenwich Meridian” is dedicated to my journalism career after immigrating to the USA. Back in former Czechoslovakia I would have to have a political school to write, and a philosophy to adhere to. Here I don’t need either.

But, as a journalist I cannot bypass what most have due to advertising constrictions, or difference in opinions.

So, here is the story about the genetically modified giant Monsanto that has been transpiring since Feb. 28 thanks to a woman who got upset about the collapse of bee colonies.

It was the long Memorial Day weekend in the states when twenty-four packs are sold by millions. Who would have thought that something else than grilling and parades was happening?

To the oblivion of the television networks something was going on.

Demonstrations against genetically modified seed giant Monsanto held around the globe on May 25.
Demonstrations against genetically modified seed giant Monsanto held around the globe on May 25.

There were demonstrations against the genetically modified (GMO) seed giant Monsanto based in Saint Louis, Missouri, USA in 436 cities around the world last Saturday. Experts tie GMOs directly to cancer. Monsanto works with pharmaceutical companies to peddle drugs to cure  cancer. The company, lobbied by DuPont, uses scare tactics against small farmers, even sues them for descendant seeds. I’ve always thought that descendants were only people.

Their most known product is RoundUp that poisons groundwater. Due to RoundUp and other herbicides & pesticides entire colonies of pollinating bees have died.  Monsanto has been labeled as modern mafia. They have used test sites around the world including Argentina and Czech Republic, Brno for modifying seeds and products.Specifically in Czech Republic they modified sugar beets, which they use in food additives. US federal government has protected Monsanto against lawsuits by Monsanto Protection Act, they are supported by FDA, USDA, EPA.

Both FDA and Monsanto refuse to label products as GMOs stating that it would confuse the consumer. So, why are gluten-free products such a big deal?  The clout behind Monsanto is in the US Senate and the Supreme Court.

The company has released  a statement that it respects the right of people to demonstrate, however all their agricultural practices are in accordance with sustainable farming.

Local television stations Fox 17 and Wood TV 8 in response to my request why they didn’t cover the demonstrations said that I should go to their e-mail address and request further.

More coming in a sustained series.

Copyright (c) 2013 Emma Palova


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