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Brand audit

Alright it took me two hours to work on my real “test” site. It’s so new. I just put it in place yesterday based on goal no 1. I wanted to create a blog/website for my company Emma Blogs LLC. So, that was the ideal groundwork for today’s assignment that I tried to fully apply to Emma Blogs LLC. I wanted to give it a website feel so I shuffled around the static About page and the moving posts Home page. Now, I have (static) pages About the firm, About the EW team, the Brands and finally the post (Home) Blog news that moves with each new post. The Radcliffe theme does have a customizer that helps with the shuffling job.
Blogging U.
On the Blog news posts page I introduced the new features on the flagship EW Emma’s Writings blog athttp://emmapalova.com which are IW Inspiring Women and Images of Czech. That way I feel I may have a nice mix of stories and pictures. I am missing a video. I am working on that.

With the Radcliffe theme, the sidebars are all at the bottom. So, I have yet to fill out most widgets that I use on the entire portfolio of rolling blogs suited for stories and advertising.
I find really useful the Gravatar widget, of course the much coveted social icons that I had to consult the happiness engineers many times, as well as the RSS feeds plug-ins. I will install the facebook page plug-in and Instagram, and of course the WordPress meta community.
I have the sharing buttons or publicize at the bottom of each section and each post on Blog News. This was an exercise, that I am grateful for, in design and flipping the blog for the website feel.
I invite you to visit the brand new Emma Blogs LLC at http://emmablogsllc.wordpress.com and I am looking for your feedback.
But, still all this said, “Content is the King.” I have to get back to writing. Stories are waiting for me, and so are the readers. Hopefully I got some hooked on the two new features.
I am looking for collaboration, guest writers, photographers and illustrators.
I hope all this goes great. Sometimes, like early this afternoon, I got so discouraged that I ate two pieces of unsweetened Baker’s Chocolate. I will write about that on my E Health & Wellness.
Looking forward to some input and tomorrow’s assignment. I feel like back in school, with all except for the beer.
I still don’t know if I am supposed to post all this here or where?
Thanks Michelle for pushing me forward

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