Hoola dream

“Hoola” your dream for having  a home based business

By Emma Palova

EW Emma’s Writings

Lowell, MI- Inspired by another woman at the Grand Rapids Women’s Expo last year, Sue Majinska started her home based business with Hoola jewelry seven months ago.

“I love the idea of having unique jewelry that nobody else has,” said Majinska. “And being able to get it at a reasonable price.”

Well, who doesn’t?

Hoola jewelry
Sue Majinska surrounded by Hoola jewelry.

The Hoola interchangeable jewelry comes in individual kits with different pieces. From these kits, you design your own jewelry using a simple process. You start with a hoop, add a hoola, a second hoola and a third hoola or more if you wish. You get a beautiful piece of jewelry that looks a lot more expensive than it is.

The ever-changing jewelry sizzles and shines in daylight or night.

During the interview, Majinska showed two different kits and demonstrated the process how to put the jewelry together. The Silver Shine kit is for $49.99 and the Spring Bling Earring special kit is for $29.99. Each kit has a higher value. The shine kit is valued at $130 and the spring bling has a value of $70.

Hoola Jewelry is a new merchant this year in the GNO event.
Hoola Jewelry is a new merchant this year in the GNO event.

“It’s a new concept to West Michigan,” said Majinska.

The Hoola business women are home based jewelry consultants or reps. They come into other houses for Hoola parties for 10 to 15 women.

Although one on one consulting is also available, the preferred way are the jewelry design parties with boxed starter sets.

“You just take a basic hoop and add anything you want to it,” said Majinska. “You get out of one kit over a 100 looks.”

Majinska, who is on the phone a lot, likes the jewelry because of its light weight.

The basic material is fine sterling silver with 7.5 percent alloy to prevent breaking. Sterling silver will eventually tarnish, not by defect, but as a result of exposure to chemicals, cosmetics, hairspray perspiration, direct sunlight, or humidity.

Other interesting materials used to make different jewelry designs are Mother-of-Pearl (M.O.P.) This is a shell with a natural layer of nacre, making it a close “relative” to the pearl. It has a similar luster to pearl and it works well in designing combinations together.

Sue Majinska put on a Hoola demo at the Lowell Expo last month.
Sue Majinska put on a Hoola demo at the Lowell Expo last month.

The Spring Bling Earrings kit uses the mother-of-pearl hoolas for a colorful fresh look.

The company is a mother/daughter team, Laurel & Lauren Gravelyn based in Chelsey, Michigan.

For Hoola jewelry designers like Majinska, every day is like Christmas.

“How can you not go with that,” she said. “It’s no longer what am I going to do today?”

Most women like putting the jewelry together themselves. As a banker, Majinska deals with math every day.

“This is my creative side,” she said. “It allows me to be creative. I love being around people and socializing. Having a home-based business fits my personality.”

The other fun aspect of the Hoola business is that it moves with you.

“If we want to move, I can take it with me,” Majinska said.

Majinska carries all her Hoola jewelry in one compact bag.

And the company plans to grow all over 50 states. They have reps now in California and Florida.

“I think they would go international,” she said.

The Hoola business is allowing women to be independent and enjoy having options for jewelry that no one else has.

“You have a unique look,” Majinska said.

For Hoola parties, Majinska suggests having at least 10 to 15 people. She puts on a 15-minute demo, and then the hostess and the guests get to design their own interchangeable jewelry. The hostess earns her jewelry for putting on the party.

Majinska did well at last month’s Expo in Lowell.

“It was a great way to introduce the jewelry line to the local area,” she said. “It was time and money well spent. It was nice to see everybody in the community.

Majinska is taking the Hoola jewelry to Girls Night Out on April 16. She will be next to Advance Eye Care storefront along with Pauly’s.

For more information contact Majinska at 1-616-334-6744 or go to her Sue’s Hoola Jewelry facebook page.


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