Czech calendar names-part II

Names show personality traits

By Emma Palova

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Name day cards in Czech Repub;ic.
Name day cards in Czech Repub;ic.

Note: I often write about different names in the Czech calendar and in our multi-cultural family. In the memoir “Greenwich Meridian” I write about the people behind the names. Recently, I found out that each name has certain characteristics that may be a perfect fit or a perfect misfit.  This is a second part of a mini-series about calendar names. The first part ran on April 10. Look for the greeting card logo. I focused on female names first.

Another name in the family is Julie. That was my late mother-in-law. I have very fond memories of her. Julie lived to be 92 years old, she was up and running until the very last minute when she passed away peacefully  in her nap. She took care of our daughter Emma, while I was studying at the Technical University of Brno.

The name has bold characteristics. According to Soul’s Touches, Julie is a dragoness, who is both sensitive and attractive. She takes deep interest in men into late years, caused by the vibrations of Mars. When she falls in love, she tears down bridges, and rebuilds them again. But, most of all she’s a woman. As a mother, she can be both loving and strict. The name is right for all zodiac signs except for Scorpio. Julie celebrates her name day on Dec. 10.

Mother-in-law Julie Palova was very beautiful.
Mother-in-law Julie Palova was very beautiful.

Anna, was my grandmother and her daughter Anna is  my aunt and godmother.  The characteristics for the name are: a true woman, loving, devoted, but living her life through others. It is a troubled life of labor & worries, a constant circle of obligations and feelings of being in debt to all. Anna is foremost a mother and a wife.

The astrologist does not recommend this name, because it carries the premonition of a hard life. Anna celebrates her name day on July 26 in the Czech calendar.

While penning my memoir “Greenwich Meridian” © copyright Emma Palova, I realize how true these name attributes are.

Martha is the name of my paternal aunt, as well as first and second cousin’s names.  According to Soul’s Touches, the name carries traits of satisfaction. Even though Marthas do not reach the most coveted goals, they end up usually married. Martha is foremost a woman. She matures emotionally later in life, quite often divorces. Not recommended in Gemini, Libra and in Capricorn. Her name day is on July 29.

Mary is my mother’s cousin name, and we probably had a lot more Marys in the family.

Mary is a universal name used in all languages. She is motherly, devoted and hardworking.

The traits: always willing to learn, intelligent, sensitive and strict. Only a bad coordinate with the last name and birth date can worsen her life’s path, according to Soul’s Touches.

The feast of Saint Mary falls on Sept. 12  and it is celebrated around the world with festivities and pilgrimages to sacred places like Hostyn, in Moravia.

Lenka is the name of my second cousin, the daughter of Mary. The name has bad karmic vibrations. Lenkas do not have an easy life or a happy life. There are only a few exceptions depending on the birth date and coordinate with the last name. The biggest problem can be in relationships. The astrologist writes, “When a relationship ends and Lenka asks why?” I answer “Because you have bad vibrations. I would recommend to shorten the name to Lena at the birth registry.”

The name is influenced by Mars, Sun, Venus and Saturn. The Saturn negatively impacts Venus. That’s where the bad karma comes from.

I covered only a few female names in the family, and a fraction of female names in the Czech calendar. From time to time, I will be coming back to this subject, because it fascinates me. Most descriptions fit like a glove depending on the zodiac sign, and sometimes on the last name.

Trending names in Czech are: Tereza, Natalie, Anna, Adela, Eliska, Karolina, Katerina, Barbora, Lucie, Kristina, Michaela, Nikola and Veronika.

Next week I’ll write about the characteristics of male names in the family.

See you then. Hope you find your name a great fit.

Sources: “Soul’s Touches” and “Greenwich Meridian”

Here is a link to American family names:

Copyright © 2015 Emma Blogs, LLC. All rights reserved.

Copyright (c) 2015 Emma Blogs, LLC. All rights reserved.


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