Summer 2015 editorial calendar

Editorial/marketing calendar for July, August, September

Dive into summer fun with Emma

The editorial/marketing calendar for Emma Blogs is flexible and I invite anyone who wants to contribute whether with stories, photos or ideas.

As you can see the topics range from blogging to vacationing, and everything in between. I am looking forward to the new summer series, Living in the country vs. living in the city. I bet anyone can attest that both have their advantages and disadvantages. So, feel free to write about your take on where you live and why. It will be hilarious.

Kathleen Mooney's abstracts.
Kathleen Mooney’s abstracts.

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 Blogger of the month


Independence Day


Summers in Czech

Riverwalk 9, 10, 11/local

Summer series

Living in the country vs living in the city


Summers in Czech on the ranch


Mom’s birthday

Lowell youth fair/local/Aug. 6-13

Summer series

Living in the country vs living in the city


Fall fest with Fallasburg village bazaar /local Sept. 1&20

Fairs/expo Brno

Socialist brigades for students and army

Summer series

Living in the country vs city


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