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Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day.

Summer 2015 editorial calendar

Editorial/marketing calendar for July, August, September

Dive into summer fun with Emma

The editorial/marketing calendar for Emma Blogs is flexible and I invite anyone who wants to contribute whether with stories, photos or ideas.

As you can see the topics range from blogging to vacationing, and everything in between. I am looking forward to the new summer series, Living in the country vs. living in the city. I bet anyone can attest that both have their advantages and disadvantages. So, feel free to write about your take on where you live and why. It will be hilarious.

Kathleen Mooney's abstracts.
Kathleen Mooney’s abstracts.

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 Blogger of the month


Independence Day


Summers in Czech

Riverwalk 9, 10, 11/local

Summer series

Living in the country vs living in the city


Summers in Czech on the ranch


Mom’s birthday

Lowell youth fair/local/Aug. 6-13

Summer series

Living in the country vs living in the city


Fall fest with Fallasburg village bazaar /local Sept. 1&20

Fairs/expo Brno

Socialist brigades for students and army

Summer series

Living in the country vs city


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Emma Blogs Newsletter

April newsletter brings blog news in a capsule

Hello to all,

The April newsletter is here. It’s been on my radar screen since I’ve established Emma Blogs, LLC. Every month, the newsletter will feature news from the blogs portfolio, blogging tips and editorial/marketing calendar. Features will include  en excerpt from the  story of the month and a featured blogger. You can submit who do you think should be featured and why, as well as a story,a poem or a photo with links to your blogs. You can also submit a story about your niche business with a link.

April newsletter
Emma Blogs newsletter for April.

The deadline for submission for the May newsletter is April 20. Happy blogging.

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Monthly newsletter

Hello to all,

I have created a monthly newsletter so all can stay in the loop. It highlights news from my Emma Blogs including the flagship EW Emma’s Writings site on

I will always feature in it: the current editorial calendar and excerpts from the editor’s picks for each month. The editor’s pick for the month of April is the story “IW Hiker babe walks 4,600 miles in memory of daughter.” I will also include valuable blogging tips both in content and in design. Eventually I will add marketing tips as well.
You can find the story on the company blog/website Emma Blogs on http;//
Blogging is a constantly evolving story. You can send your story with a link to your blog. Why did you start blogging?

Happy Easter and blogging to all from
Emma and the EW team

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Full spring calendar link

Spring editorial/marketing calendar ready through June

By Emma Palova

EW Emma’s Writings

The full editorial/marketing calendar is on the company site Emma Blogs, LLC on

The last event in March is the local Lowell Expo on March 28th at the Lowell High School from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Lowell Community Expo
Lowell Community Expo

The calendar gives you a preview of stories and themes coming from the end of March through June. It is not set in stone, I always make it as flexible and versatile as possible.

It also gives an idea for marketing around the themes relevant to each month. It doesn’t exclude anything.

That’s the beauty of the Internet compared to print media; the speed and the versatility, as well as the turnover of stories. You can make it weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually depending on your blog and business.

I prefer quarterly because it gives enough leeway yet it helps stay on track and up with tasks. The calendar also depends on the frequency of your postings and the format of them.

Overall, it is worth spending time working on it rather than haphazardly writing about anything at hand. The calendar also organizes your overall strategy and thoughts into more manageable segments.


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