Year in review 2015

Here it is. The 2015 Year in Review.

Fallasburg Today

FHS launches Fallasburg Today social media marketing campaign

By Emma Palova

Fallasburg, MI- I am very happy to report the results for 2015. I got on board with the Fallasburg Historical Society (FHS) in August 2015. But, before that I wrote a story about “50 years of historic preservation of Fallasburg” on EW Emma’s Writings.

I had known about the anniversary since 2014 when I got an invite from FHS president Ken Tamke to the signature event. The annual Christmas in Fallasburg party is a special treat and a fundraiser.

New signs in Fallasburg New signs in Fallasburg

My task was to market the first annual village bazaar in September. So, I did on twitter, Facebook, WordPress, Pinterest, Google + and Instagram.

The village bazaar will continue to develop into the future since it does have potential of growth, according to FHS president Ken Tamke.

In September, 20 people came to look at the…

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