Budweiser wants to rebrand to ‘America’ for the Olympic summer

Surprise me not this summer

Well, I am not surprised considering the fact that they stole the trademark Budvar or Budweiser from Czech Republic and forced the country to export its Budvar under the name of Czechvar. It can be found in specialty stores around the USA. It hasn’t even sat on the same shelf with Budweiser.

Budvar or export Czechvar has a bitter distinct flavor. You get a headache after drinking two Budvars. It definitely isn’t sweet like America Budweiser. You don’t get a headache after drinking 10 Budweisers that taste like yesterday’s water tinted with yellow artificial food coloring. Budvar originates in the Bohemian town of Ceske Budejovice. The town has been brewing Budvar for the last 700 years under the Royal decree aka edict.

Beer Czechvar
The export version of Budvar or Budweiser in the USA.

Stay tuned for a story “Of stolen trademarks” on http://emmapalova.com

And check this out for more info before the story:


Budweiser wants to cement its reputation as the quintessentially American beer, by rebranding itself simply as “America” this summer.

Source: Budweiser wants to completely rebrand itself to ‘America’ this summer

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