Stretch yourself for Lent.

I’ve been thinking about my Lenten plan for a while now. I want to be in peace with my surroundings and myself, meditate more, give more and love more.


Tuesday Eighth Week of Ordinary Time

Sirach 35:1-12

Mark 10:28-31  

I like this set of readings, on this day before Lent is to begin, because they challenge us to stretch ourselves beyond what we think we can do.  

In our first reading, Sirach tells us to do works of charity, refrain from doing evil, do not even think to appear before the Lord, empty handed, and in all you do, live in a spirit of great gratitude. These are great words in preparation for Lent.  

In our Gospel, Peter says, “Lord, we have given up everything and followed you.” Jesus responds “Whoever has given up all these things for me, for the sake of the Gospel will receive a hundred more times now in the present age.” Peter had given up a lot, but it was just beginning, he would learn to do so much more. The…

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