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Follow me on my journey from writer to author of Shifting Sands Short Stories coming out on Amazon on June 30. 

I have named my book campaign Storyteller2017 because I am so excited about this epic year full of huge changes.

“When I don’t write, I like to get out to the lakes for inspiration.”

That is my favorite hobby: watching the lake. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the nearby Murray Lake or Lake Michigan, as long as I see water movement to calm my mind.

I recently explored the Stearns Beach in Ludington on Lake Michigan. I love to watch the  Badger head out across the lake to Wisconsin. 

Other beachcombers love doing just that as the memorial engravings on the beach benches state.

“They loved watching the sunsets and the Badger,” a statement about  people loving the area repeated throughout the beach park.

We plan on taking the ship this year for a vacation with Ludek and Ella.

Any change deserves a story about the transformation of a character in different settings.

The main setting in the book is the fist to be town of Riddleyville with its secrets and vices.

Come along on the journey of the Storyteller2017 for an adventure of a lifetime. 

Next: The beginnings of Shifting Sands Short Stories part 1.

The book is available now for pre-order. 
Starting tomorrow I will be publishing excerpts from the stories
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