Anna & Marta in Czech name days

I am still fascinated with Czech name days. The  Czech calendar attributes a name to each day year round. This originates in the saints’ names, and it was later expanded as the secular selection of names grew.

This week I missed two name days in our family. That is July 25 which is the name day for Jakub. Our son’s name is Jakub.

And  I missed July 26, which is the name day for Anna. Anna is a popular Czech name. Both my grandmother and godmother’s names were Anna.

But, I will  not miss another big Czech name and that is Marta.

Marta’s name day falls on July 29. My aunt Marta who has been my inspiration died this year on Jan. 7, at the age of almost 80.

She was the last living sibling of my dad Vaclav Konecny. We traveled to her funeral in Stipa, Czech Republic.

Watch for post about Marta. I write about relationships between all of these family members in the Greenwich Meridian where East meets west memoir.

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