Happy Marta’s Day

According to the Czech calendar, July 29 is Marta’s Day or the Feast of Saint Marta.

The Czech calendar attributes a name to each day of the year. In America, we mostly celebrate St. Pat’s Day on March 17.

Marta much like Anna & Mary are very honorable names in history.

My aunt Marta died on January 7th of this year. Since she was the last sibling of my dad Vaclav, we flew out to Czech Republic for the funeral.

The funeral was a celebration of her life as an educator for decades in the ZDS Stipa.

I come from generations of educators. My paternal grandpa was the ZDS Stipa principal.

And I write about this in the Greenwich Meridian where East meets west memoir.

Marta taught generations of kids in the Stipa region. She taught math and arts.

Marta is one of the characters in the Greenwich Meridian where East meets west memoir about the Konecny immigration saga.

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