Author Events & reviews

Meet the Author event at the historic Belrockton museum in Belding was one of my favorite events in 2019, due to the fact that it is home to the main story “Silk Nora ” in the new book “Shifting Sands: Secrets.”

I will be at the Lowell Area Historical Museum during Christmas through Lowell tour on Nov. 15, 16 & 17. Stop by for an autographed copy of the new book and book 1- Shifting Sands: Short Stories.

The book is also available locally at Springrove Variety in downtown Lowell.

Also, I would be grateful for your reviews on Amazon. I need to reach 25 reviews for a basic ranking of the book.

The review does not have to be long. You can just basically answer three questions: What did you like about the book and why, what didn’t you like about the book and how has it changed you, if applicable.

Following is the link to post:

Thank you my dear fans.

Emma Palova


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