Christmas through Lowell Nov. 15- Nov. 17, 2019

Lowell Area Historical Museum

325 W. Main St., Lowell

I am getting ready for a three-day author’s gig at the Lowell Museum during the Christmas through Lowell tour. Stop by for an autographed copy of my new book “Secrets” from the Shifting Sands Short Stories series. Today is the longest day from 9 a.m. until 9 p.m.

NaNoWriMo 2019

Greenwich Meridian: Where East meets West

I got an early morning start today with my husband Ludek announcing that we finally got a thaw from the “Novruary” weather that was more like in January.

I worked on the chapter “Mom’s battle for emigration” that will need a title change.


I wandered through the streets of Zlin afterwards not going back to school. I needed to internalize cousin Peter’s funeral. I went past the shops on the main boulevard of Zlin now named Thomas Bata Boulevard after the big shoe businessman. I stopped at some of the store windows without knowing what was on display. Like a robot, I walked to the next one, I stopped and looked, but I didn’t see. Sometimes, I looked at my feet as they walked forward. And then I looked up at the grey sky laying heavily above my head. 

I stopped at a news stand to look at the books that had just come out. I saw a paperback book “Diary of an American Wife.” I wondered what it’s like to be an American wife. I thought I would never find out. 

I was hoping that I wouldn’t run into any friends. I must have been carrying a bag with my text books because I started to feel the weight in my right hand. I went past “Zlinanka,” a fancy decadent café that served sundaes and desserts. I’ve been there a thousand times, but this time it didn’t feel right.

Next in row was the main pharmacy and then came the real hard decision-maker. That was the deli “Rybena.” The deli for me was like Mc Donald’s is here in the USA.

Even though, I must say “Rybena” was more than a socialist staple. It stood out from the other ubiquitous delis around the country. The deli made its own greasy white chips, a bag for two crowns called “lupinky” which means flakes. I doubt they were made from potatoes. I usually bought a bag, and I ate it all at once. Then I would get sick. “Rybena” was also the only place in town that sold raw fish, mostly trout. The raw trout were laying right next to the open-faced sandwiches known as “canopies” because they looked like tents or canopies. 

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