covid-19 testing

By Emma Palova

Lowell, MI- I did my citizen’s duty and went testing for COVID-19 at Metro Health in Caledonia, MI this morning.

Shortness of breath and coughing prompted me to action last Friday as I called our family doctor in Lowell. We had a tele consultation to protect everyone. Following is the message I have received from our doctor.

“Thank you for your virtual visit with Metro Health on 7/24/2020. In addition to looking after your own well-being, you helped protect others by relying on a virtual visit that reduces opportunities for the spread of influenza and the virus that causes COVID-19 disease.

Metro Health looks forward to resuming office visits once the coronavirus crisis is past. However, the advanced technology we’ve implemented in the form of e-visits, televisits and new virtual visits will continue to give you access to your providers in the ways that are most convenient for you.”

After arriving at Metro Health in Caledonia, I just stayed in the car and waited for the assistant to come out and take a nasal swab. It caused my eyes to tear and I started caughing, but it didn’t take too long to recover. The test results should take two days.

My husband got tested on July 1 after traveling internationally to Czech Republic and experiencing a persistent cough. He tested at the Kent County Health Department on Kalamazoo Ave in a testing tent outside. It took more that two weeks to get the results. That was his second COVID-19 test, because he had to have a negative test before traveling to Czech Republic. Both tests were negative.

As of early July the state of Michigan is averaging 19,000 tests per day with the goal of testing 900,000 people per month.

Testing locations are listed at

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