Ash Wednesday marks the start of Lent

Purple is the color of Lent

As we woke up to -14 F degree temperatures, yesterday’s snow has already hardened on the patio and the white icy cupola on the balcony continues to get bigger. The sun bathed my flowers in the sunroom and warmed up the cold tiles.

I call my sunroom a COVID-19 sanctuary that protects me from the outside world no matter the season. It offers light and shelter to the outdoor plants that I bring inside in the fall. My mom Ella brings her plants for the winter while she stays in Venice, FL.

However, in the deadbeat of winter, the COVID sanctuary takes on a special meaning as the Phalaenopsis moth orchids start to bloom in their purples and yellows bringing the sunroom alive.

By the orchid blossoms, I know we’re midway into February which means that Ash Wednesday is here. I usually go in the morning to St. Pat’s Church in Parnell to get the ash cross on my forehead, but not this year due to COVID. We didn’t get on the list of 100 people to attend the Ash Wednesday mass, so we will be watching the livestream on TV or Facebook in the evening.

Purple is the color of Lent that preceeds Easter. The tradition has it that we should be giving up something for Lent. I’d rather take on something new, which is fine too. I’ve given up a lot of things including drinking coffee. I drink a myriad of herbal teas instead; I’ve never been fond of coffee anyways. I don’t have a problem giving up meat on Fridays, as I am trying to cut down on meat too.

I tried fasting today with a growling stomach and my eyes set on wild rice soup or gumbo. Like a good catholic girl, I put the soup packets back in the pantry and boiled some broccoli. Tonight, I will make either lentils or cauliflower with eggs.

Lenten change of pace, fish for Fridays

Blue Gills

Where to get your fish

I like the change of pace during Lent. We don’t go out to eat on Lenten Fridays even though we could do a fish fry at any local restaurant. According to the Lenten traditions, we should not eat meat on Fridays. I am a fish lover; I love fish, any fish and all fish.

During winter, I get my fish from DMS Fish Supply at their monthly fish drop in Ada. The next fish drop will be on March 4th with pick up from 3 to 3:30 p.m. Check out the story “In Search of Inspiration: The Fishmonger by clicking on the following link:

You can also go ice fishing on any of the lakes in Michigan. A story is coming up.

Also in purple, the PopUp Book Shop

Pages Promotions Virtual Book Festival PopUp Book Shop

Don’t forget to join our “Blind Date with a Book” Virtual Book Festival that runs through February, visit the festival PopUp Book Shop. You must pre-register for all events including Indie author readings and workshops. We still have a lot to offer from comedy writing to creating suspense. Go to:

Stay tuned for my links to the replays of Indie author readings at the Pages Promotions Virtual Book Festival.

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