Meet your next great read at Bettie‘s Pages in the heart of Lowell

Happy holidays from the “For the Love of Books Podcast” and Bettie’s Pages. We hope your holidays may be filled with joy and peace.

Bettie’s Pages is a retro-inspired new and used indie bookstore that is more than just a shop. It’s a cozy gathering place where you get to have fun, be authentic, and find friends in the heart of Lowell.

And it all started with the crazy idea of one person, Nicole, who hated her job and didn’t expect support from friends and family.

“They were supposed to say, go find another job,” said Bettie’s Pages owner Nicole Lintemuth.

But they didn’t and the result is a welcoming space for everyone whether you’re looking for a book, a unique gift, or respite from the hustle and bustle. The store opened right before the pandemic in 2020. In March of 2020, Nicole shipped out 250 book boxes. She’s up to 400 book boxes now.

She’s been offering the book matching service ever since.

“I am not going to get rid of this,” Nicole said. “I have too much fun doing the book boxes.”

Also, if you prefer audiobooks, then Libro FM is the perfect indie alternative to audible.

Any plans for 2022?

Nicole has you covered. Join the “Cozy Mystery Book Club” in January with “Hope Never Dies.”

“I hope people will continue to support places that kept us sane,” Nicole said.

To join click below.

Bettie’s Pages




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